Original in possession of James Edward 'Ed' Barlow of Graham, North Carolina.   If interested in contacting him, you may contact Carol Renfro, transcriber of these documents, via e-mail. 

Diary of Edward Callistus Barlow

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Transcribed by:  Carol Cole Renfro, daughter of Howard and Verna Cole of Alamance County, N.C., longtime residence of Ed Barlow

Transcriber’s introduction

James Edward (Ed) Barlow has been a friend of my family for over fifty years. He has no descendants of his own but has shared with us some of his pride in his Barlow heritage, so I have taken an opportunity to work with some of the materials he has made available to me. In particular, he has in his possession the journal of Edward Callistus Barlow, born in Kentucky in 1829, and also has a history and genealogy of the Barlows (in two parts) in document and chart form, written by E.C. Barlow’s son James (Jimmie). The journal, which is transcribed here, is in a small book with a brown cover decorated with print paper in the bubble type of marbelizing. The book is 7 ¾” by 6 ¼” and contains unlined paper. The spine has been repaired with tape. The stitching is loose.

Ed Barlow, our family friend, is the son of Edward Callistus Barlow, born 1875. This is the boy referred to as “Callie” toward the end of E.C. Barlow’s diary. Callie was E.C.’s grandson and the second son of James William Barlow, the beloved only child of E.C. Barlow, the writer of the diary. Thus, Ed Barlow is the great-grandson of Edward Callistus (E.C.) Barlow, born 1829 and the writer of the diary. In summary, the line is E.C., born 1829; Jimmie, born 1852; Callie, born 1875; and Ed, born 1910. E.C.’s wife Sallie lived on after his death until 1925 and spent her later years living with Ed Barlow and his parents. Astoundingly, this means that my granddaughter, born in 2002, is living at the same time as Ed, who personally knew and lived with someone born in 1834!

The words that Mr. Barlow wrote are sometimes difficult to decipher. There are some spellings and punctuations that are typical of the writer. I am retaining these where they do not affect the sense, but I have chosen to enclose some words, parts of words or punctuation in brackets when I have had to make a guess as to the letters or feel that punctuation is needed for clarity. Mr. Barlow tended to make the first letter of a sentence look like it was in lower case and his end punctuation looked more like a comma than a period (or there was none). He also used fewer commas than would be normal today and I will retain those characteristics almost always. I may need to occasionally insert a comment or a guess concerning the material and will do so in italics. I am using a double asterisk at new pages. Mr. Barlow usually put the date flush with the left side of the paper, then indented subsequent lines until the next date. I will change the margins as appropriate to duplicate his style.

Ed Barlow numbered alternate even pages, encircling the numbers, to facilitate referring to specific parts of the document. I will use his numbers.

I began working on the diary with photocopies, but later Mr. Barlow let me borrow the original diary. This helped greatly with interpreting the document and many puzzles were cleared up.

Occasional phrases especially difficult to make out, especially toward the end of the diary when E.C. Barlow was older. He used a pencil for some entries and there are different colors of ink throughout.

The diary is a record of the life of the Barlow family, of the businesses and trips that Mr. Barlow undertook, of various outlays of funds, and of the town of Georgetown in Scott County, Kentucky. The first two pages (the endsheets) are title pages, with “Edward C. Barlow” and the date repeated several times in different writing styles, with some scrolls and other decorations as well as with some jottings of mathematical sums and one note about either a visit or a death. The writer is usually clear if someone dies and he records many visits, so I think the reference is to a visit.

He apparently began the diary in 1856 and he devoted about the first two pages to a summary of his life until that time, principally since his marriage in 1851. He then began the actual diary April 3rd 1856, but still included miscellaneous earlier bits and pieces for several pages. There is also an account of his service during the Civil War that many may find interesting.

I hope to be able to share this material with Barlows and the people who have an interest in the history of Kentucky and of Georgetown.

Surnames frequently mentioned:  Barlow, Allgaier, Rawlins, Thompson, Lyon, Robertson, Morgan, J.H., General

Other subjects:
Barlow, Edward Callistus--Diaries, Georgetown, Ky., Scott County, Ky., Kentucky—History, United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865, Mt. Sterling, Ky.

pg 6

I was born in Cincinnatti Ohio December 24th 1829 Edward Callistus Barlow. Sallie Eliza Barlow my wife was borned in Petersburg Scott County Kentucky July 25th 1834. Married 22 May 1851. James William Barlow son of E.C. & S.E. Barlow was borned September 7th 1852 in Petersburg Scott County Ky. My wife was a daughter of Dr. Rawlins & Gabriella his wife. [This last sentence is written very small, apparently inserted later.]

December 1st 1851. I commenced work with T. J. Shepard at 15$ per month I worked one month. & then rented the room of Dr. Jno Sutton at 154$ [150?] per year P. S. Mitchell pays for half Janry 1st 1852 The following year I occupied the whole shop my-self & am still keeping it at the same rent this April 14th 1856.

I boarded with my father in law [“in law” is added above the line] when I was first married, for about six months. I then came to Town & boarded with my Father for the next six months. While there I got a situation in Mr. Mathews

**silver smith shop. I got all I made at watch Repairing & mending Jewelry, which was from 70 to 80$ per month. They moved to Paris, Ky. I then rented the Same Room & commenced my self this was 1st January 1852. I at that time boar[d]ed with my father & Father in law together.

May 21st [25th?]1852 My father in law Dr. Rawlins gave us a brick House on Main Street & we commenced housekeeping on the above named date 22 May 1852. he also gave us Esther & her child Amanda. we lived on Main Street 3 years & about 3 months.

We then Rented Judge Duvalls house opposite the Methodist Church for one year commencing July 25th 1855 to July 25th 1856 for which we pay one hundred dollars per year. G. E. Trimble Rented store of me for three years 200 first year 235 Second 230 third. See article of agreement M Polk has it Sept 3rd 1855.

pg 8

**April 3rd 1856 I bought at Public Sale the House & lot adjoining A. Harcourt, formerly owned by George Allgaier, the T. J. [I.?] Shepard house, he got it of Jas Hann [Haun?] in 1837. it was sold at Public Sale in 185[3?][2?] by T. J. [I.?] Shepard & H. Prewitt bought it. H. Prewitt made a [&?] deed of trust to P. L. Mitchel, G.E. Prewitt & Levi Prewitt & by decree of Court, they sold it April 3rd 1856. I was the highest bidder & it fell to me at 900$ in three Payments, 301 66/100 I payed down, & gave two notes for 301 66/100 Each payable in one & Two Yea[r]s with out interest, having the force & effect of a replening [replenishing?] bond [fund?]. H. Prewitt bought out Mrs Eliza Shepards dower wright for 30 dollars cash & some claims he had against T. J. Shepard to the amount of 2 hundred dollars he shingled it in 1855.
April 3rd 1856 Rented above house to G. E. Prewitt at 10$ per month. he kept it for 5 months.

**April 14th I sett out 9 Peach trees at my House I got of H. Prewitt I also sett out the same day 3 nice Kataba Grape vines that I got of Degaris 1 & Mrs. [Fesinell?] 2 & 2 or 3 English Goosberrys.

I was married on the 22nd of May 1851 By the Rev Dr. Rhoton, 3 ¼ miles no[r]th of Georgetown at a place called Petersburg.
September 13th 1855 Cousin M. S. Allgaier’s wife Harriet died She was a kind lady & universally beloved by all who knew her.

September 15th 1855 I left here for Philadelphia. I was gone 11 days.

July 12 1854 Bro Vic died of an illness of ten days of Flux. [This date is recorded as July 13 elsewhere.]

Esther was born June [8?] 18[39?] time of cholera
Amanda was born 22nd Feb 1850 Esthers child
Henry was born 10 Nov 1852 “ “
Laura was born Dec 24th 1855 “ “
Mary was born Sept 14 1857 “ “
Eliza “ “ Sept 17 1858 “ “

**Patsy Esther Baby was born Augt 24, 1860

[Esther’s birth date is quite difficult to read, but the third digit of the year really doesn’t look like a 2 or 1; if it is a 3, however, that would mean her first child was born when she was 11, which seems unlikely. I’m assuming Esther was the slave given to them by Dr. Rawlins, his father-in-law. The last three babies are recorded in a different ink and evidently inserted later in limited space.]

pg 10

**June 17th 1856 I bought a buggy & harness of P. L. Mitchel [?] cost $125.00 also a lookin glass $6.50 2 ladders 60 Paid cash
M. S. Allgaier left for Kansas with his 3 boys,
June 19th 1856. I bought cutin [cutting? A mitre box?] Box 4$ Ward Robe 10$ of him.
June 9th 1856 Uncle George Allgaier married widow Goff.

June 27th 1856
I bought a hiefer Calf of W. C. White for which I pd a sett jewelry worth $22.00 cost me [WAJZ? Wholesale?] It is by R. Alexander’s imported Bull Lord John & out of a full Blood cow of Comit & [Goldfinday?] It was born March 10th, 1856.
June 30 I bought a Rone Horse of D. Rawlins for which I pd him 75$ he was 5 year old last Spring.
Augt 5th 1856 I left home for New York & Philadelphia I arrived at Cin. Ohio at 11 o’clk a.m. left next morning Passed through Zenia, Columbus, & got to Cleavland at 3 o’clk p.m. Stay’d until 9 that night left on boat Cresent City aCross Lake Erie for Buffalo from there to Niagra Falls, stayed all day till 10 o’clk that night. while at the Falls we crossed the Niagra river & went on the Canida side, was at the Clifton House, & on the Battle [gruied?] [ground?] of [Lau] days [lane?] went to burning springs & spent a pleasant day. I crossed the Hudson River at A[l]bany, passed

**through Rochester, Syracuse, Utica Shenectada, & sevrel other large places & arrived at New York at 3 o’clock after Dinner Augt 8th 1856. & on the following Sunday I went in a boat to see the Ocean & went in a bathing a long with T. [J.?] [Barkley?][Darkley?], Rufus Rankin & severel others. I stayed in New York 4 or 5 days & left for Philadelphia I passed through New Jersey. I was in Jersey City, New brunswick, Trenton & other places. I was in Philadelphia 5 days & returned [home?]. Stop[p]ed in Allegany City & stayed all night. Stayed also one night in Cincinnati Ohio & arrived home Tuesday night Augt 19th 1856 only away from home 2 weeks. Sister Laura went as far as Cni. Ohio with me. I bought about 3 thousand dollars worth of stock.
August 26th 1856 We moved in the 2 story brick House on Main Street that I purchased of Henry Prewitt.
August 31 was Sunday & I went out to take dinner with Lot Rawlins Dr Bro from Delaware. Bro Mike is in Cincinati on a visit.

pg 12

**Sept 17th 1856 I bought a cow of Josia Pence for which I paid him a watch cost WWL.? 20$ & 5$ in cash & he to have the calf at 3 mo. old [Rd cerv.?]
September 29th 1856 Laura Esthers baby died of hooping cough 9 months & 5 days old.
September 1st Jimie took the hooping cough & so did Henry the little negro boy
October 10th 1856 I bought a Bay horse 8 years old at Dr Woodfords [Woodyards?] sale. I paid 200$ six months time [“time” is written in above the line.]
October 13th 1856 I bought John Black Boy Thirteen years old for which I paid him seven Hundred dollars $350.00 cash & 357.00 in 4 months from date.
Oct 25th 1856 I bought a Stable and lot of George Toppass & John W. Crumbough for which I paid one hundred & fifty dollars cash in hand.
Oct 22 1856 I sold my Buggy & harness to Dr F Elliott for $115.00 in 4 mo [N.?] Note.
Oct 30 1856 I sold my Bay Horse to Jim Long for 175 dollars cash [cash written above line]
[Oct] 29 1856 I went to Lexington to the Filmore barbecue 50,000 person there
Dec 1st 1856 I received my hogs 5 they weighed 908 lbs hogs worth [5?]$ per hundred
April 23rd 1856 Jimie had his D Type (Daguerrotype] taken by Allen
April 30 1855 Jimie had his D Type taken by Richardson
[The last two lines are written small at the bottom of a page, as if added later.]

**December 10th 1856 Charles Ann Rawlins & Emias Hambrick was married by Dr. [G.?] F. Rhoton. The next Evening I went up to an [affair?] at his mother at Thornsburies [Thornberry’s?] old Tavern. She was married on Wednesday at 12 oclock Miss Julia [Cannon? Carmon?] and Jas [Monties? Minties?] walked out with them May they live happily & prosper is the prayer of E. C. Barlow.

1857 January I sold my Roan horse to Tom Urvin for 128$
Jany 19th The thermometer was 14 degrees below Zero & in Jany 1856 it was 23 degrees below Zero.
1857 Mrs Gabe Sanders died Mch 14th. So did Grand [AlKsy?]
1857 March 5th I went to Cin Ohio. F. Allgaiers & C. Douglas
“ “ 5 Pa went Indiana to see his sister
“ “ “ Ziba Foot was here a few day previous
“ “ “ Bettie Holtzclan joined the church Baptist
“ “ “ Jinnie King is the prettiest young lady in Georgetown (that is single)
Mch 23 I commenced garden
Apr 3rd Uncle John Cantrell Got [Bot? For Bought?] for me 2 mules of T. Sherit for which he paid $150.00 for the 2. Shirit owed that amt
Apr 1 Ma went to Cin Ohio on a visit.
Apr 4 Snow on the ground one inch deep
“ 9 “ on “ “ “ “ “

pg 14

April 10th 1857 I bought a sorel horse of Jos Force for which I paid him $175.00, 50$ in money & 125 in trade the whole cost was UT.LM.
April 18 Henry W. Baker arrived here on a visit from Delaware.
Apr 17 Billy Edmondson died
“ 22 I bought a pony named Pink of Tag [Lay?] [Manslon? Mace’s son?] I gave him a sorrel horse & he gave me 30$ to boot. He is six years old this spring.
June 13 There was in this Place a great rain accompanied with hail, which distroyed all the gardens & broke a great many glas, it was very distructive, hail very large & rain continued for 4 hours.
June 10 I rented my Room to Mr Howe for a Daguerion Room at 5$ per month Telegraph Office kept in the same
Augt 3 Sallie Sister Teresa & Bro Frank went to Cincinnati Ohio Returned 17th Pleasant time.
[Augt] 4 Cousin Jas H. [N.?] Barlow arrived here on a visit with his nephew Thomas Waddill to go to school. they are from Alexandra Rappedes Parish Louisana.

August 21st I bought a cow & calf of Mr Hambric White, 2 years old & out of one [of?] Jno Gano’s full blooded cows & gave 45$ for her.
September 14 I sold my 2 mules for $50 on 4 months
“ “ to Hildrith negotiable in Bank
“ 14th Esther had a girl named Mary
September 16th I pd my first installment to the college 30$, 1/5 of $150.00
“ 25 I bought 3 Pigs of Taylor for $5.00 they will weigh 50 to 60 lbs apiece
Oct 10th I sent my cow to Dr Gano’s Bull
Nov 5 Henry [W? N?] Baker left Ky for Delaware
Nov 26 Ben Chambers was married to Miss Cannon
[The next line is marked through—last word is “date,” rest unreadable]
Dec 2nd Jas L. West was married to Miss Dills of Cynthiana.
1858 3rd J Lover [Gover? Goner?] married Miss Kenny [Henry?]
January 10th 1858 My hiefer took the Bull
“ 18th Wm. T. Shepard Died with heart disease
February 18th I bought of C.R. Shepard a shop on Main Street for the Sum of Twelve hundred dollars Cash in hand. The house is 14 feet front & runs back to the alley

pg 16

April 1 I went to Lexington with Dr. & wife & my wife I bought $55.70 cts worth
“ 3 I paid George E. Prewitt Three Hundred & one dollars & 66 cts the last payment on my house.
April 24th Charles Ann Hambric had a little Boy & named [him] E.C. Hambric after me.
May 17 Mr. B.F. Pearce & Chas McKay left for home Mr. Pearce lives in Franklin Parish La Mr. McKay lives in Bullitt Co., Ky. they both paid up in full.
June 25 Mr. Hicks & Tom Waddills left for home I sold my white cow to Mr Hambric $95.00
July 3rd I bought the Ben [F.? T.?] Bradley property for $3900 in the [three?] payments $1300 1st January 1859[;] 2nd payment 1st Janry 1860 & the 3rd 1st January 1861 I paid the 1st payment 3rd July 1858.
“ 15th I rented my house to Dr. Austin for 150$
“ 13 I moved from up on Main Street down to the Ben Bradley property.
“ 12 I went to Lexington & bought carpets and Blinds
“ 16 It took 51½ yds carpet for large room & 34 ½ for back room

August 18th I & Sallie left home for the East with Dr. Rawlins, wife, Mary Bell, Walter Gody & wife. We arrived at Cincinnati Ohio a[t] 12 o’clock at night. Mary Bell was taken sick & we left Dr Wife & Mary Bell. We took cars in the morning of 19th passed through, Hamilton Dayton, Springfield crossed Mad [?] river, where Tecumsey was born, arrived at Sandusky Ohio in the evening at 6 o’clock. Got on the boat Bay City crossed Lake Erie arrived at Detroit Michigan at day light in the morning of the 20th Crossed to Winsor Canida passed through London, Paris; arrived at Hamilton [Saw?], Burlington Bay Lake Ontario, arrived at Suspension Bridge at 4 ½ o’clock in the evening Visit[ed] Niagra Falls. Stayed all night at the Niagra house. Started on the 21st in the morning for Rochester Canandagua Saw the Lake also Seneca Lake Arrived at Elmira New York Stayed all night & left 12 ½ o’clock of 23rd arrived at Baltimore 1 O’clock left 4 O’clock for Washington City passed the Battle

pg 18

**Ground of Bladensburg and got to WC ½ past 5 O’clock in the evening of the 23rd Visited the Capitol, SmithSonian Institute, the Navy Yard, Post office Patent Office & Treasure Department & various other places of Amusements Left Washington City for Baltimore on 27th arrived at Wilmington Delaware ¼ past 9 O’clock at night left ½ past 9 O’clock next morning for Seaford & arrived at 4 O’clock & met Henry Baker, Jas & Philip Rawlins who carried us to Uncle Lots Stayed 9 days in Delaware. Lef[t] 6 o’clock on the morning 6th of September 1858 for Philadelphia Pa. Got there at ½ past 11 o’clock on the 8th went to New York & returned to Philada on the 9th. Stayed to the 12th & left for home & arrived on the 15th of September.
September 17th Esther had a child, girl Named Eliza.
October 4 Mary Bell started school to Dr. [Ivy? Irving? Jury?]
“ 4 Mike started to Cincinnati Ohio. Uncle Bass come home with him
Nov 20 Mr Jones gave Dr. Rawlings & Eliza Thornsbury a house Each. Dr. Rawlins

**took the one up Street between George Allgaiers & my house, by giving Mr. Jones $500 & E. Thornsbury $50 for choice. They both were satisfied.
Eliza got the lower store [stone?] house next to [R.?] Lyons corner.
Nov 30 I sold my hiefer to Dr Rawlins for a watch which I took as $25.00 + $15.00 in cash = 40$

January 7 I sold John age 15 years to Mr. Wm. W. Abbott for nine hundred & seventy five Dollars cash.
“ 28 Miss Sue Chambers took Cloriform & drowned herself in [E.?] [Cornnearth Iliand?] back [of?] Mrs. Chas Thompsons house.
Feby 14th Jimie starts to school to Miss S. Holztslaw. He is six years & five months old.
January 10th Mr Jones bought the P.L. Mitchell house at $5,000 cash. (shawl to have died [dyed?] cost 3$)
Febry 5 F.A. Lyon left for Phila he took Sallies crope [croup? cross?]
April 4 I & Jimie went to Cincinnati Ohio & was gone a week. bough[t] about $1000 worth bought Sallie Pictures. Mike bought a Dulcimer for Sallie.
May 25 I got Bob Wilson to paint Trimbles Store

May 18 Esther had a child girl named Harriet.
March 24 Jimmie[’s] pup was born. Its name is Spot by Gorham Dog out of [Spears?][Shepard?] Setter.
June 14th Esther Blk woman Died after being sick about 3 weeks.
June 27 I bought America[,] Black woman at J.P. Johnsons, for which I paid for her & Five children 661$ She is 30 years old her oldest child Boy is named George born Augt 1st 1857. 5 years old when bought her youngest is Named Wm born Nov 1st 1861
July 2 Capt C.S. True, Lady & child commenced bording with me (that is) wife & Boy at $4.50 per week pd one mo. in advance

July 15 Col Jno. [N.?] [H.?] Morgan entered GeoTown with about 850 men. Bro. Mike was with him. They took Sam Thompson prisinor, pressed about 150 [or possibly 250—looks like a 1 is written over a 2] horses in the Service
Nov 15 Capt True sent his horse to Dr Rawlins to feed & Pasture he has got the distemper & Dr Sold him
Dec 26 Mrs True left here for Bowling Green Ky & returned 27th at Dinner. Mrs True left for Bowling Green on the 21 of January 1863.

Jan 8th Kate Johnston left here for Cin. Ohio with Sam, Sister & his father.
1863 July 20 I bought a Blood Bay Mare of Maj Page for which I paid $200 cash she is 4 years old past & 15 hands in high

[The next section, concerning his Civil War service, seems to have been written continuously. The ink is the same color throughout and the text flows without interruption.]

July 30 I left home for Grayson Carter Co. Ky for the purpose of raising a Regiment for the Federal

pg 30

Service. We were until the 29th of Sept 1863 before we were Mustered in to the U.S. Service C.J. True was commissioned Colonel and I was made Adjutant. We remained at Grayson after the Regiment was organized about two weeks. Sallie & Jimmie was with me, and about the 18th October the Regmt was ordered to Mt Sterling Ky to relieve Lt Col. Matson & Col True assumed command of the Post about the 20th of Oct 1863 and on the 2nd day of Decr 1863, Peter Everett with some 300 men dashed in to the town about day light & remained 55 minutes. they Captured for me two fine Bay mares worth $400 I was absent at the time by order of Col True in Cinti Ohio on business for the Regmt and returned on the 5th of Decr 1863. The Regmt was encamped 1 ½ miles from the town, and they formed a line of Battle and drove the Rebels out. no one hurt on Either side. Mrs. True & Sallie were in the town at Mrs. Cases & were very much frightened. Sallie remained 3 weeks. The Rebels captured 60 horses

Some Q.M. [quatermaster] Stores & comisary Burnt the Court House & Clerks Office, which was their object in coming to that Post. The Regiment remained there until the 31st of December 1863, when we were ordered to Paris Ky to gard the Bridges on the Ky Centrel R Road, and relieve Col. Titus 9th N.H. and Col True Assumed command of the Post on Jany 5th 1864, the 9th being orderd to rejoin its Corps under Genl Burnside. The 31stthe day we received orders to March to Paris it rained all evening & by the time the Regiment was ready for marching it commenced snowing & freezing and the com’d started at 7 [9?] o’clok, and out of the whole Regiment only about 300 come through by day light Jany 1st 1864. It was the coldest day I ever heard of in my life. Some of the men froze almost to death. I had a very pleasant time at Paris. I was Post Adj. and had rooms at Mrs Thurstons Hotel for over 3 months. Sallie visited me and

pg 32

stayed over two weeks. I was commissioned as Capt of Co “B” [vici? since?] Simon Rice resigned on Febry 24th 1864 & mustered in to the U.S. Service on March 4th 1864 by Lt Col F.F. [F.T.?] Flint at Lexington Ky and assumed com”d of Co. “B” March 4th 1864. And was ordered with my company to Georgetown Apl 3rd and remained about on[e] week, was order[ed] to Paris Ky. and from there to Lexington Ky, by order of Genl Burbridge subject to Capt Thos. N. [H.?] Moore’s orders Provost Marshall 4th Congressional District, remained at Lexington near 3 weeks & was ordered to Paris Ky. where we remained a few days and was ordered with the Regmt to Lexington Ky and went into camp on Henry Duncans farm 3 ½ miles from Lexington Ky. The Regmt was there 3 weeks and were order[ed] [to?] North Eastern Ky. I was left in Camp in Com”d with Capt Young May [blank space, apparently deliberate, to fill in date later?] We were ordered to Mt Sterling Ky. and my Company was doing provost duty & I acting as Provost Marshall my company was quartered

in Mt Sterling Ky. May 20th 1864 The Regment was ordered to to [sic] Virginia and on the 26th of May, my wife being very sick I got permission to visit home and remain 5 days, and on my return to Mt Sterling The Regmt had gone & in com”d of Lt. Col Mullins Col. True being in command of the 2nd Brigade and two other Brigades under Command of Genl Burbrige They got near Pound Gap, when Genl J.H. Morgan entered the State and give Burbridge the Slip and got some two days the start of Genl “B” arrived at Owensvill [Owingsville?] on the 7th of June 1864 Capturing about 60 cavelry of the 1st Ky Scouts under Capt Busty. And on the 7th I sent 12 men of the 12th Ohio Cavilry with dispatches to Genl “B” and they went 26 miles, when they met the advance of Morgans com”d & after a Sharp Skirmish were driven back they returning the Same night & giving me the information that a pretty strong force of Rebels were Coming this way

pg 34

June 7th They did not know who was in Com”d I supposed it was Pete Everett with from three to 400 men, visiting us again, So I made all nesessary arrangements to give him fight. I was in the town with 47 men and had com”d of the town. The Roads were all Picketted and scouts sent out to feel for the enemy. I immediately sent word to Capt Roser who was in Com”d of thi [this?] the Datched [Detached?] parts of the 40th Ky. and 12th Ohio, Encamped one mile from the town, and 20 men under com”d of Capt Buckner of Col Chas S. [Handons?] staff, all being notified to be ready, and watch for the attack which was looked for that night or by day light on the next morging [morning]. I will say we had at the two camps some 240 men 1/3 of them being sick or not fit for duty & my 47 men comprised the force at Mt Sterling. I had Telegraphed to Lixington Ky for reinforcements. The wires were cut & they failed to

June 7th send reinforcements. About 12 o’clock at night information, more reliable come from Owingsville, that they were certainly there, and had a fight and Captured What forces [were] stationed there, and were making this way and part had gone to Flemingsburg. I still was in the dark to the number, and who they were in com”d of. I immediately sent an orderly to Camp for Capt Rover to come in for consultation, also to Capt Buckner to be ready. Capt Rover arrived, and we informed him of the news from Owingsville, and it being corroberated by others fleeing still later, Capt Rover thought they were a small band under Everitt & did not think they would do any harm. I thought different, and had my men to saddle what serviceable horses [were] in the stable, and form a line and be ready for them. I distributed ammunition, and saw that Every man

pg 36

June 7 had his cartridge Box filled and his gun loaded. I went to the house of Mr Huffman the deposit Banker and told him to save himself and money and tell the other Bank. (He told Mr. Aloin Barns the President) from there I went to James Crawford the clerk of the court, and waked him up & told him to run Crawford being a Union man and some of the Rebels were for Catching him. I told Jim Campbell [Crumbell?] and some officers bording in town and by the time I got back, Capt Rover was still in town in front of the Kentucky Hotel with Col Edwards of the 1st Ky scouts on his way to Owensville to join his com”d. I had been there but a very short time when our Picketts were fired on and being driven in Capt Rover struck for Camp I step[p]ed down to the Stable mounted my horse then in readiness for Me. my company had been in line waiting for me I made a few remarks of encouragement

June 8th told them I had often heard them boast of their bravery, and the time had come, and we would see who showed the white feather. That I had given them all the information, who was coming and how many they were, for I intended to fight them if they were one thousand. My company cheered, and all said they would stick by me to the last. I told them it was all I asked. The boys were anxious and eager for a fight, their [there] had been a slur on the Regmt for letting Everett come in and burn the Court House 6 months before, and the[y] thought it was him returning with a larger force to finish the town, and they were Keene to wipe out all insinuations and show the people of Mt Sterling that the 40th Ky would fight. All the roads in that direction were picketed. There are ten roads a leading into Mt Sterling, and a rather open level country, with no forts at

pg 38

Jun 8 the time, and no natural fortifications. I gave my men orders not to shoot from the houses unless nesessaryly compelled but we would fight from the stone fences, paster rail fences, Corners of streets and other advantages they could secure and the open streets, which most of the fighting was done for fear I am to[o] fast I will return to when the picketts were fired on and drove in I order[ed] some 6 men to mount there horses and come with me, and left the company in comd of the 1st sergt. (my 1st and 2nd lieuts having gone with the Regiment to take Kings Salt Works in Virginia) I and my 6 men rode to where the first firing was heard, and could see the Rebels deploying to the right and left, more particularly to the left. we were fired on and driven back. I hurried back to my company and made such distribution as I deemed nesessary to check the enemy it was not light enough to tell the

June 8th number or strength of the Rebs. The firing [was] still becoming more animated, and we could see them coming through the pastures, woods and over the hills of Mr Hazelriggs and Appersons bearing around to Surround the town, and approaching very cautiously. by this time I heard firing at the Camp com”ded by Capt Rover (I then believed it to be a much heavier force than I first thought on receiving my information on the 7th) The fighting had been going on in and around the town for 30 minutes before they attacked the Camp one mile from the town. I soon seen I had my hands full, rode up and down the line of my men encouraging them and sending them from one Street to and other [another], and while engaged in checking some half dog Rebs my horse was Shot and became unruly and [I] mounted an other, and we fought them in this way, for over

pg 40

two hours, for they had surrounded the town and were approaching on every street and cross firing, and I was forc[e]d to dismou[n]t and about this time their cavelry charged in to the town, and in the charge, we killed Capt Swango [Swamgo?], Capt More & some ten or twelve more and wounded in the fight over twenty. [I stuk? And killed—marked out] Lt Jordons horse was killed in the Street in front of the Ky Hotel & he escaped. they had captured the Camp of the 12th & 40th I supposed as firing had ceased in that direction, and after charging in to the town with Cavelry on Every Street I was drove in to the Ky. Hotel and there Captured and made a prisinor. I was robbed of every thing I had in my pocketts including my wedding ring, a lot of gold pens & some other valuebles. I was forced to draw my boots, but fortunately they were to[o] small for any of them and I was permitted to put them on

June 8th The Capt. that captured me was a Stranger, and I could not find him out. He was a Georgian & belonged to [Gilmers?] Com”d. He was for sending me to their Camp, where the balance of the prisoners were, when I demand[ed] them to carry me to Genl Morgans or Col D.H. Smiths Head Quarters. I had gone but a few yards, and Dr Duke Col Souths brigade Sergeon hearing me ask the question remarked, that he was going wright there, asked who I was when I told him he dismissed the gard and we proceeded to Dr Ashleys, Col Smiths Hd-Qrs. I found the Col in the parlour. He was glad to see me and complimented my fighting very highly. After the compliments of the fight had ceased he asked me when I was at home. I told him I had just return[ed] and that his son Howard was at the point of death and he burst in to a flood of tears and and [sic] wept like a child. After he recovered

pg 42


June 8 we talked again of the fight and he told me they would take Lexington and any place they would go to, and asked me if I thought he would meet any opposition. I said he would and he laughed in his sleeve. he said he was sorry to see me fighting for Lincoln when I and every person knew his policy I told him it was true, although opposed to his policy, I had taken my choice and would fight for the old Union and the flag of my country, and I had no niger on the brain, that the negro was gone any way. I told him that I was a prisoner of his, and desired to be paroled. He said he would do it but that Genl Morgan had given orders not to parole any officers or men. I went with Col Smith to see Genl Morgan, whose Head-Qrs was at Lawyer [Sawyer?] Holts father’s. we found the Genl in his room with his Staff. I was introduce[d] to Genl Jno[.] although acquainted with him before the war broke out and have met him

June 8 th since on his raids in to Kentucky, he did not seem the same man, he had very much changed in appearance and his manners. he was bloated, crabit in his conversation. he refused to parole me. But on Col. D. H. Smith insisting and claiming it as a privalege that he Morgan had given him he pressed it and it was done under protest of Genl Morgan he saying it was not respected by our government. He told Col Smith to carry me to Major Tenny [Jenry?] Provost Marshal for the Division and he would fix the proper papers. Tenny was too busy and wanted me to wait until we got to Lexington Ky Col Smith finally with the assistance of Dr Andrews his Adjt wrote it and I was at Liberty to go at large. I looked around, Met O. West on Col Smith[’s] staff George Cantrell, Eph Osborn and a great Many others I knew and had went from Georgetown & Scott County. O’ville West stay-

pg 44

ed with me until he was ordered by Col Smith to move the Com”d out on the Lexington Pike which was about 5 o’clk that evening, and they said they were going to capture Lixington by day light the morning of the 9 th. I must acknowled[g]e that I was treated after my Capture & being turned over to Col Smith very courteously by all the Com”d. And am under everlasting obligations to Col Smith for the kindness in parole [paroling] me, I being the only [one] of over 100 men and Officers captured. Morgans command consisted of 3 Brigades numbering about 2800 in all. 2000 was mounted and in the fight on the 8 th day of June 800 were infantry under Com”d of Col Alston and did not arrive at Mt Sterling until after dark that night & of course did not participate in the fight of the 8 th and did not come in to town that night fortunately for the town and Citizens, for the advance of Morgan[’s] cavelry had nigh well gutted and stole

Jun 8 every thing in the way of Boots Shoes Ready made clothing and even carried off by the armfulls, calico, silks, goods of every description, and waisted them in the most wanton manner. I visited the Camp w[h]ere the Federal prisoners were confined & carried them bread and other eatables, which were very scarce for the Rebs come in like hungry wolves and distroyed what they could not eat. I visit[ed] the Hospital to see the sick and wound[ed] and had the dead buried. We had seven killed and some fifteen wounded. I returned to town after dark and met Capt Rees at the Hotel, who had just Come up with the infantry under Col Alston and were encamped ½ mile in a small woods of the town. He was very glad to see me, and I had a long talk with him, and we parted he had to go to camp and I to bed for I was tired having been up the night before. But I could not sleep soundly, was kept

pg 46


June 9 th awake by the excitement I had undergone I finnally dozed off, slept for a short time, when I was awakened by the firing of cannon & musketry. I knew then what was out. Genl Burbridge had made forced marches, and had come upon Col Alstons Infantry and completely taken them by surprize I soon dressed, and went where I could see the Battle raging, the Rebs were scattered and running in every direction, some rall[i]ed and they fought for two hours very stubbornly. They finally gave back & run and our Boys under Genl Burbridge entered Mt Sterling with a yell and you may guess my joy at meeting them, & they to see me for they were certain I was killed in the fight of the 8 th for they had met a flag of Truce with Capt Swango[‘s] body (Rebel) & they said I was dead, and seeing me alive and not hurt they were very glad to see me. We captured over 200 prisonners. There was killed and woun-

June 9 th ded some 300 Rebels. After some four or five hours cessation, The Rebs were reinforced by Col Giltner and made an other attack and our Brave Boys went at it again and after 2 hours fighting the Rebs gave way & left for Lexington Ky. They still kept up pickitt fighting all evening & half the night. Genl “B” barrakaded the Streets and looked for an attack that night, But they did not come, but retreated in the night—The Federal Army could not pursue until next morning, owing to the fact that the men & horses were completely tired out having Marched 180 miles in 3 days & nights & the men had to eat. So the morning of the 10 th we all left in pursuit for Lexington & our advance arrived at 3 o’clck in the [evening?]. Morgan tarried but four or five hours in Lexington, and on the 11 th was in Georgetown, and Genl “B” in Lexington. I remained in Lexington on the 11 th and Genl “B”

pg 48


June 11 reorganized and went in pursuit of Morgan, reported then at Cynthiana attacked them at day light on the 12 th fought them over 2 ½ hours, completely whip[p]ing and capturing som[e] 300 more prisoners. Col. Hanson went in pursuit after the main body and drove them out of the State. So Morgan’s trip proved a Dear one about 1/3 of what came in with him got out safe He could not hold his prisinors and was forced to let them go in order to make his escape safe. I returned home and remained, waiting for exchange when I was ordered to report at Lexington for duty on the 28 th of June 1864 by an order from the Secretary of war saying that neither side had a right to parole according to the Cartel and I entered on duty on the 29 th and ordered by Maj [Burkower? Birhover?] to rejoin my Compnay Station[ed] at Cy[n]thiana Ky & left for my company & assumed Com”d on the 29 th of June 1864

June 29 th Col. Mullins was at the time there with 100 men including most of my company. We remained at Cynthiana for two weeks and I spent a very pleasant time, and on the 14 th of July We were ordered to Lexington and from there to Camp Nelson Ky. Our whole Regmt being once more together We was ordered to Lebanon Ky. We was stationed at Camp Nelson some 3 weeks and re equipped. W[e] arrived at Lebanon about the Middle of Augt and went in to Camp 6 miles on the other side of the town in consequence of there having had no rain, and no stock or Drinking Water. We moved to town after it had rained & was encamped ¾ of [a] mile from town & while they [there?] the Regmt was ordered after Adam Johnson in the lower part of the State My company was left with the exception of 12 men who went as body guard. While the Regment was gone the Detachment of the 40 th was ordered to Lexington Ky. and so was the Regmt. We left for Lexington and

pg 50

arrived about the last of August and went into Camp on the Fair Ground. We remained one week and was ordered back to Lebanon Ky, supposing to be mustered out, But it proved a mistake the Regment & Brigade under Genl Hobson returned and on the 13 th of Sept 1864, was ordered to Virginia under Genl Burbridge to take Kings Salt Works. My company went with the exception of some 18 men & Lt Tomlinson took com”d My first Lt being home woun[d]ed from a shot by pistol accident while the Rgmt was stationed at Camp Nelson, And I was detailed on 13 th of Sept 1864 by order from Genl Hobson to take com”d of the Post at Lebanon Ky. Capt Horton being removed. I was not well enough to go with the expedition & take com”d of my company I had a very pleasant time at Lebanon in my new position until I was taken sick. Col M. Mullins, Capt Daviss & St. [Lt?]Johnson Regmtal Q.M. were also sick. I attend[ed] to the duties until the 4 th Oct when I was taken down to my bed and

in less than a week I was considered very dangers [dangerous]. I had some 8 Doctors a waiting on me during this time, and Col Mullins finding I was sinking & growing worse Telegraphed on the 5 th Oct for my father wife & little Boy Jimmie and on the 7 th of Oct they arrived, and my father took me under his Charge, he being a physician and for Six days and nights he did not undress or lay down, but sat constantly by my bed side assisted by my kind wife & waited on me until the morning of the 13 th of Oct 1864 they thought removing me for home would be most advisable as the place I was at a Hotel was crowded to over flow, and my nervous system had become so muched impaired that the noise & bustle was more than I could Stand. So Pa procured a cot feather bed & clothes and I was placed in and [an?]express carr and brought to Louisville Ky we stop[p]ed at the Gault House one night & I insisted to

pg 52

**[the following page has bled through from the back and is very hard to read. There is increasingly less indentation all through here.]

be brought on home, so I was placed again in the Express car & arrived at home on the 15 th of Oct 1864, Still not out of danger and here I layed flat of [on?] my back for 5 weeks. I am now going about although not entirely recovered. I had hemorage of lower bowels, piles & my whole system was deranged. I start[ed?] for my Regiment Monday Dec 12 th 1864 at Catlettsburg Ky, where they are ordered to rendevous, being furloughed for [20? 22?] days from Nov 23, 1864. I arrived at Cincinnati Ohio Dec 13 th and took the boat for Catlettsburg and arrived on the 14 th of Dec. I was detained there before being mustered out until Decr 30 th 1864 when my Co. and my self and the Regment was mustered out. I borded with Mrs. Culver and had a very pleasant time during my Sojourn & was complaining part of the time[,] not having recovered entirely from my sickness. I left on the 5 th and arrived at home on 8 th Janry 1865 & thus ends my time with the 40 th Ky.

[End of Civil War account.]

[The bulk of this account appears to have been written at about the end of his long convalescence, or about November or December 1864. The ink changed at the words “I arrived at Cincinnati Ohio Decr 13 th…]

**Dec 22 nd 1864

Jimmie sold his pony to Mr Robb for seventy five dollars, cash in hand

Nov 11th 1864 I sold my two story brick house on Main Street & stable to [L.? S.?] Hinch [Hineh?] for the sum of two thousand two hundred dollars ($2200) cash in hand, and gave possession on 1 st January 1865

Dec 30 th 1864 I was mustered out of the U.S. Service by Lt. Markley at Catlettsburg Ky.


January 14 th I went to Lex. Ky. Dr Mrs H & Jimmie. I bought a suit of clothes for my self & Jimmie ($82)

“ 11 I hired Henry to Notley Estes for the year 1865 at 35$ for the year. No Note given

“ 16 I paid Wm Story 5$ for shingling around chimney & ct on my Bed room.

“ [30?] I went to Lex-Ky bought Rugg—Received 12 lights glass by Express from Cinti Ohio[,] Cost $30.85 cts. Bought of the same man 12 lights more 30.85 The side case cost me $325.00 in all.

1866 I pd Sherritt 80$ for making rack to hold paper in Cost in all 100$

pg 54


July 16 I bought Story & Sherritts carpenter shop at $550 cash. I have spent six hundred dollars on it & converted it into a double dwelling for which I get 288$ per annum pd monthly

Oct 6 one half George Wells of color rented

Oct 9 Isaah [Isaiah?] Butler rented Each pay 12$ per month

Oct 20 th Old man Applegate died

Mike & Mother went to Cincinnati. Mike went into the Shoe & Boot Store of Morris & Lytle [Sytle?]

Sept 15 I was in Cincinnati & bought 1200$ worth of goods &c

Oct 2 Sallie Sister & my self was at the Paris fair staid two days Mary Bell & Mother also. Homer Rawlins was there.

Sept Had roof & gutter to family house also papered & painted bought parlour carpet of Mr Lyon Bought Bedstead & Hat rack pd 75$ for Bed Sted $40 for rack 18 for chairs

**Nov 1 st 1866 Chas Ann & Mr Hambrick went to House Keeping at Dr Farm

“ 6 Mr Lingle [Single?] and [Lomis? Lornie?] Lemon [Semon?] married

Dear Mike in St Louis 3 weeks returned & left for South America Venezuela. I let him have 150$ and he left his watch & dimond Ring for the 150$

Dec 25 Jimmie shot him self with a Pistol in the right leg & was confined to house for a week.

[The following is another section that appears to have been written all at once.]

Dec 20 Brother Mike remained at New Orleans until the 12 th of January when he Cave Johnson & 50 others left on a Sale [sailing?] vessel for S.A. they were 47 days at sea. Ship wrecked near the Dry Tortugus on the Western Coast of Florida (about when the Star of the West was wrecked[)] and lost the cook house caught fire twice & came near distroying the vessel. He was sea Sick two weeks on

pg 56

**the voyage and when he landed at Cuidad Boliver Venezeulla S.A. he had but 2$ Cave Johnson had not a red [cent? No word here]. they were met by the Governor & kindly treated, and in a few days 16 of the 50 started for the Gold mines some 3 or 4 hundred mil[e]s off over a very mountainous & ruff country. They had to take it a foot & on mules & Donkies. they had to travel 30 Spanish mils [miles?] a day to get to water. Bro Mike was lost a day & night from the party having to sleep alone in that wild country among the animals. he was as he thought chased by 50 monkies but proved they were running from him. they arrived at the gold mines and all doing well Bro Mike complaining of his feet being injured on the march. they were digging plenty gold when the rainey sickly season set in & 10 of 16 were

**taken sick and died & Bro Mike was one of them. he had conjestive chills & took too much Quinine & Ipecack & sett up inflamation of his Bowells & died on the 11 of May 1867 after an illness of 8 days. Cave Johnson his friend was with him and had him decently intered and has since returned bringing his trunk clothes letters &c and his certificat of a land Grant from the Governor of that country of 1280 acres of land.

Oct 8 th 1867

Sallie her Pa Ma[y?] Bell & C. Ann have just returned from a trip to Cinti Baltimore & Washington City. They staid at W H Godeys some 12 days & from there went to Delaware w[h]ere they remained visiting the different relatives over two weeks and from there come to Philadelphia staid two days

pg 58

**and then went to Reading Douglassville & other places in Pa. visiting her Ma’s relatives the Jones & from there come to Cincinnati & stayed with Kate Johnson 2 days & nights & returned home on the 8 th of October 1867 after an Absence of 6 weeks. They had a delightful trip was well all of them and very kin[d]ly treated. Jimmie my self Mr Hambrick & Eddy Stayed at home.

October 15 th I went to Cincinnati Ohio Met Jimmie True Dr. Bland & Col Mullins at the depot crossed the river stopped with Will Thruston [Thurston?] at the Metripolitan Hotel Went [to] hear Edwin Booth play Romeo Juliet & Shylock the Mercha[n]t of Venice Stayed a week, put up with Kate & Sam Johnson after the 1 st night & Kate & her sister Ella come home with me & stayed 11 days. I bought from 15 to 1800$ worth of goods.

Oct 10 th Mrs C.J. True & son [Olinnie? Clinnie?]


Oct 10 th come and are now hear pay[ing] us a visit. Yesterday Saturday the 24 they went to Lex to by goods

Oct 13 Sister Weadie left here for St Lewis Missouri to spend a few months

Oct 11 Mary Bell Rawlins went to wait on Miss Gully


January 7 I went to Louisville Ky & bought 27 Barrells Linseed oil at 1.15 per gal & also bought a [gal paints? Bill paints?] & returned on the 9 th

10 th Helena [Wilma? Helma? ]Thornsburry ran off & got married.

1868 January 21 A large a[nd] distructive fire in this place Burnt T[L?].S.B.” E Thornsburry [Aiv? Oid?] F & L Maddox, M— [Mr.?] Nickoles stock & house belonging to Stepp Negroes. Loss $20,000. [It’s hard to tell where these initials and names begin and end]

Feb 21 I went to Frankfort Ky Ball at night & Dem— Convention the next day

pg 60


May 20 th I bought of E. Thornsberry his lot on Main Street about 16 feet front running back to H. Wolfs lot or House I give Twelve Hundred dollars cash (or note bearing 8 per ct)

May 21 st I bought of San [Sam?] Maddox 8 ½ feet of his lot adjoining the above lot & formerly belonging to A.W. Foxwood which was 17 feet. I gave Maddox Six Hundred and Eighty dollars & twenty cts. for little over half his lot. I also give Lan Maddox Fifty dollars to induce him to by the Stepp [Stapp?] lot; which he did. Maddox give 900$ & I gave 50$ L. Maddox gives me the privelege of passing my water along to Main Cross Street.

Oct 10 th Had the G.E. Trimble ell shingled 45””[4500?] shingles $31.50 paid Jim Baily 16$ putting on & 3[.]00 for nails = 50$

Feb I put new doors & glass in shop at a cost of $140--

Nov 29 Thos Smarr Died

“ Mrs. Gat Thompson Died

Dec 29 Paid Brown 20$ for [valsy? rales?] on Trimble House


Dec 7 th I rented my room over new store to Dr Lampkin for $125 per year


January 1 st I gave my note to Ben Masters for $530—due January 1 st 1870 [This entry is marked out]

Mch 1. I left home for Washington arrived at Cinti O. took supper and left on the 8:30 train in Company with Genl Price Genl Fry Genl [Hosborn?] Col Mullins, Cush Goodloe & others. went on Baltimore & Ohio RR arrived at Washington Wednesday the 3 rd & on the 4 th witnessed the inauguration of Genl Grant as President of the U.S. and it was the grandest sight I ever witnessed in my life Military Display and fore Companies were grand. I beheld at one sight more human beings than ever beheld at one time. I remained at Washington [two?] weeks visited the Capitol While both houses were in session

pg 62


Saw all the Big men in Senate and House representatives. was at Fords Museum where Lincoln was assasinated had a delight[ful] trip gained 6 lbs returned home in Company with Col Mullins Winsor & Miss Laura Godey. Bought goods in Cincinnati. Mrs True stayed with Sallie while I was absent her husband Col True being in Washington after officer [Cabiner? Coffiner? Cabinet?]. May 1 Col True appointed Consul at St Thomas.

May 12 Laura Godey [True?] [Bro?] Aunt & children left for home after a vis[i]t of a few weeks

May 20 I give in my Town property to Lyson Bell as follow[s]

Store 2,000

1869 Trimble House 3500

Marks “ 5500

Dwelling House 6500

[Stony?] Shop 500

Goods in Store 2000


May 15 Cousin R.H. Jones arrived from Reading Penn.

May 22 nd 1869 Paid Jim Thornsberry ninety six ($96.00) Interest in full on note $1200 up to the above date


May 28 I paid my Internal Revenue Tax from May 1 st 1869 May 1870


June 13 Between Saturday and Sunday or at about 12 o’clock Saturday night a fire Broke out in My House occupied by G.E. Trimble as a Drug store in the back ell and continued to burn for 4 or 5 hours Burning the following Houses

[The following is written as a single list, but with large brackets drawn on the left of the entries, grouping them. He doesn’t explain the groupings, but they seem to connect businesses and homes in the same building. I will group them by leaving a short line of asterisks where he started a new grouping.]

George Allgaier’ corner House

Blue Kellys Grocery



Dr James Rawlins House

C.B. Lewis Express agent & Agriculture ec [etc?]

T.J. Shepard up stairs Jewelry


E.C. Barlow’ House

G.E. Trimbles Drug Store

T.C. Bartlett Daguerian & Artist


Mrs Mary Davies[‘]s two Houses

Wells Bro Grocery

Wells Bro Dry Goods

Joseph Adams Lawyer up stairs

George [Vily?] Payne “ “ “

pg 64


Dr [Wren?][Macon?] up stairs

Mr Weber Merchant Taylor up stairs


Mrs Kitty Rawlins & Godey’s House

L. Hick Confectionary


E.C. Barlow’s Jewelry store


Dr Jno Sutton’s 3 rooms occupied to wit

W.H. Fitgerald & Bro Drugist

Mrs Fitsgerald Milinary up stairs

Henry Moore Shoe Store

“ “ “ Residence up stairs

E. Price Merchant Taylor


Odd Fellows Hall

John A. Bell Printing office

“ “ “ news Office

M. Polk’s Law Office

Darnaby’s “ “


Mitt Steven House


Jno Castle negro family


S.Y. Keenes House

Rachel Hawkins negress


Mat Shepard House & Law Office

“ “ Kitchen negroes

Helborn [Hilbarn?] Dry Goods & clothing

**1869 continued

June 13


Geo E Prewitt & [J?] Y Kelly House

H.E. Rankin Dry goods

Dutch Family up stairs

Kitchen negroes


Deposit Bank of Geo Town


S.Y. Keene House & Grocery

Odd fellows Lodge up stairs

[Repeat? Other was “Hall”]


T.J. Adams & [Son?] House

Mrs. P. White Milinary

T.J. Adams up stairs family

“ “ Hat & cap Store


Thos Pullum & Son

Family up stairs



E. Thornsberry House

Jno Shutter’s Grocery

S.Y. Godey’s “

[Pullerne?] [Pullum?] & Sinclair Saloon


“ 16 Paid Dr. H. Craig his note $520.65

16 Borrowed of Dr. James Rawlins $500

20 Paid up in full $65— for 5 mo. [figures marked through]

  • Kate Johnson on a visit

pg 66

July 9th Borrowed of John Graves five Hundred dollars at 8 per cent
July 9 Paid Jas Thornsberry Five Hundred dollars
“ 19 Paid F.A.Lyon note to A.M. Lyon of 1076.83
July 27 Paid Jas N Thornsberry Seven Hundred dollars ($700) Balance on a note Given to E. Thornsberry of $1200 May 20th 1868 for a Lot on Main Street.
July 27 I Borrowed Eight Hundred dollars out of the Deposit Bank for 4 months
Sept I borrowed 1000 dollars of Farmers Bank 4 months
Oct 5 Sallie & Jimmie went to Cinti stayed about 2 weeks
21 I went to Lexington with J Y Morrison
Oct 29 I borrowed or renewed a note in the Farmers Bank for $800 for 4 months
Sept 3rd I borrowed of E. Thornsberry five Hundred dollars. Dr H. Craig Bought the note one day after date
Nov 1 I Borrowed 1000$ of M.C. Hall at one day after date

Nov 23 I borrowed or renewed note 800$ on Deposit Bank 4 months
Dec 1 I borrowed $900 out Farmers Bank for 4 months
Dec 1 Cousin Nicklas Jones left for home
Dec 10 I borrowed or renewed note on the Deposit Bank $800 for 116 days
Dec 20 I bought a Black mare of Eli Hogan[.] I paid $220-- cash. She is 6 years old
Dec 24 I borrowed $700 of the Deposit Bank for 4 mo—
Dec 31 Uncle Jim Barlow come
“ 31 I bought Hydrometer &c $45.00
“ Calipers &c 25.00
Alphabet & figures steel 18+7= 25.00
Test Cup & Blackin 2.10
Brushes 1.50
Stesel plate & Bing cutter 5.00
Express charges 1.00
Janry 1 Paid Ben M Osborn Thirty dollars inst. & gave new gave new [his repeat] note 12 mo after date for $530—

pg 68

Feb 17th I borrowed $400 of Farmers Bank at 4 months after date
“ 22 I bought Buggy of [A.T.?][ A.J?] Beach Lexington Ky paid $200 cash
[No entries for 1871]
22 Mch Sister Laura Died of consumption after being confined to her bed for near 5 months
Mch 23 Jeff Garth [Gartte?] Died
Sept 8 Jimmie went to Cincinnati & got a situation in [Lolle?] Holden & Co Dry Good Store. Stayed 3 months—
Oct 1st Sallie myself C. Ann Mrs Rawlins & [Minie?] went to Cinti to see the Exposition. Stoped at the Elister house with Mary Bell & [June? Jimee?] who were bording there, in Covington Ky.
Nov 28th Mary Bell on a visit from Covington left for home Janry 20th 1873
Dec 25 Charley Green spent the Christmas went with Jimie to a Mask Ball at G. Hotel
1873 Rented my [Sulier? Silver?Lulier? Cellar?] Room to Will Sherrett at $550— per year to be paid Quarterly—Janry 28th 1873

Janry 1 Rented by back room (to A Shultz) over the Allgaier & West Hardware Store--$50 per year
Jan 28 W.W. Sherritt bought out Allgaier & West
Feb 5th Allgaier & West made an assignment to C.H. West. They settled with me like gentlemen
Jany 21 [U. U.?][W.U.?] Hambrick was made P.M. at dry Runn
Jany 28 Milton Durah [Durham? Surah?] & Sue Spears were married.
1872 November Small Pox visited our town brought here by Robt Soper from the East. Mrs. Wash Holtzslaw & child died from it. Severel deaths in the country around caught directly or indirectly from Robt Soper. Sallie was vaccinated, took
1872 Janry 1st I was elected Trustee for one year for the town of Geo Town
1873 Janry 1st I was reelected trustee for one year for the
town of Geotown Ky
Mch 8th Jimmie went to Frankfort with Alvin
“ 9 Sunday Geo E. Prewitts house cous[?] burnt caught from flew [flue?] while at church day time insured for $5000

pg 70

May 5th Went to Cincinnati Ohio met Kate Ella & Laura Godey—[don’t know whether this is two people or three]
“ 16 Went to Cinti O. Weadie went with me. Met Uncle Bass & Aunt Kate—
May 25th Sundy morning took walk to the head of street& exct? [each?]July 4th 1873 [This is written between the lines and is unclear both as to what it says and which line it is meant to go with—perhaps “each Sunday until July 4th”?]
May 28th [blank]
June 8th 1873 Jimmie W. Barlow & Sallie Thompson run off to Aberdean [Aberdeen, Ohio?] & was married June 9th by Squire Beasly. Tom C. Fitzgerald & Lelia Barlow went with them. they made the round trip in 24 hours returning to my house. It was Sunday night when they run off & was married on Monday 9th 1873. Willie Barkley run off with Celay Soper on Thursday night June 19th & was married June 20th 1873 in Aberdean by Squire Beasly. Judson Steffie & Julie Barkley his sister went with them
Sept 16th 1873 Jimmie wife & Eddie went to the exposition at Cinti Ohio
Sept 9 I went to Lex to Conference Sallie went Severel days—Bishop McLyon [McTyre?] preached

Oct 16th Jime & wife went [to] Paris Fair—stayed 3 days—Jimie give Maggie, Buggy & fifteen (15$) for a Phaeton of Mr. Wainright where Mr Best & Mary Bell board—
Feb 14 Jimmie & Sallie left home & went up to W.O. Thompson[’s?] to live
April 2 Jimie traded his Phaeton for a Buggy at Lexington Ky[;] give 85$ to Boot
Arp 25 Jimie Swap[p]ed his mare Kate for a Bay horse 5 years old with Billy [Gal? Gainy?]
Sept I went to Cinti O. visited Expo—Saw Aunt Kate & Uncle Bass. Was with Dan Adams
Nov 17th 1874 Jas W. Barlow’s wife Sallie had a boy weighing 10 lbs & they named him William T. Barlow after his wifes Father born 20 minutes of 3 o’clock of the morning of the 17th Nov. 1874
Laura Godey here on a visit & spent the day of the 16th Nov 1874
Nov 11th paid George Pryor for plastering the ceiling & side of Room over Ike Marks [Monks?] $23.00

Oct 5 I with Will Sherritt went up to Lex. with a view [of] looking around at Halls &c
Oct 7 I give the building to Sherritt & contracted for a town Hall & 3 story house—
Oct 8 Mr H contracted with W.W. Sherritt for his & Mr Best House 3 story
Oct 15 finished cleaning out foundation & cleaning Brick at a cost of 225$--

Oct 19 Winsor Godey Died of Typhoid Dysentary
“ 20 Lewis B. Eisenschmidt & Ma left for [K-port?][N-port?]
“ 23 Sallie & her Ma laft for Cinti to visit Mary
Nov 6 I went to Cinti Ohio & Covington Stayed one week ive Schmitt Bro & order for 3 show cases 3 side cases 6 tables[trays?] in all c/o [cost of?] 35$ visited L Eisenschmidt family visited Odd F. Hall In Newport],] also Odd F. Hall Covington Ky & 2 Halls in Cinti Ohio—
Nov. 6 Sallis Jim taken with Corea
Nov 20 Sallie & Ma Returned from Cov.
Nov. 29 Mrs Finn came from Louisville

Nov 5th Bettie Gaines Barlow was borned
Nov 10 Sallie Ma C Ann & their Ma went to Covington, Ky—
May 16th E. [C.?] Barlow & wife went to Cinti O. & to visit Mary Bell Best and I went to see and be examined by Skillful Doctors I was with Dr Rawlins & went to see Dr W S Walker of Cinti O A faith Doctor he examined me by probing I did [not?] like his theory & left in disgust. A Newport Dr called at Mr Best[‘s] & [Called?] [Cobbled?] at the Fistula & backed square out know[ing] their was no chance to make a Bill

pg 76

**out of me. So Dr Rawlins and I called to see Doctor [Keaton?] [Keats?] of Covington who has charge of the Covington Hospital & Stands high as a Surgeon he made a thorough Examination & said that all the fissures led into one & that in to the Bowell & said he could cure me in from 2 to 3 weeks. I was highly encouraged & came home with a view of returning & put my self under his care & Mr Best who kindly offered me & Sallie boa[r]d free at his house, but while here I got Dr. J.A. Hamilton & Lewis to Examine me & they told me Exactly what Dr [Keans?] said—So I told them I wanted them with my Father Dr Rawlins to perform the operation & sett the 1st Day of June So at 10 o’clock they were here and I placed myself on the Table & Pa gave me cloroform & Dr Hamilton & Lewis performed the operation being under the influence of Cloroform ¾ of an hour when all was over with Success Since then I have stead-

**ity [steadily] improved on the 19th rode out to the Cemetry & on the 23 rode out to [Depot?] Cemetry & called to see Jimmie King at W. S. [Elgires? Algaiers?] and stood the trip well Sallie went to the May festival with Uncle Bass & Lady. I went to the Grand Opera to hear the Barlow, Wilson, Primrose & [West?] Minstrels—I stop[p]ed 2 nights with Uncle Bass Ailgaier & one night with Aunt Kate Green & the Balance with B D Best of Covington returned on Monday the 20th 1878.
Nov 16th 1878. Sallie and I left home on the Cinti S.R.R. arrived in Covington Ky Sallie stopped with Mary Bell and I went on to Washington D.C. by B&O R.R. my business to get the P. Office at Georgetown. On my application I had some 150 signers and letters to the P.M. Genl and the President from Dr [Gano?] Rawlins[,?] Slade Col Jno A Prall A.H. [Adam?] of Lexington Jno A Bowman Genl Fry and others. I arrived at Washington D.C. on the night of the 16th and

pg 78

**stopped with Mrs Lizzie Godey. [Monday?] rode over the city, called on Genl S.G.B. and he went with me to see the P.M. Genl also the 1st Asst P.M. Genl [J?] N. Tyner I called and he received me kindly sent for the papers of Mr J.H. [Steppre? Steffer?] incumbent and found out that I had voted the Democratic Tickett for Tilden against R.B. Hays and he frankly told me that I stood no chance and so recommended Steffer who was confirmed by the Senate. Genl Jno [Harlen?] Genl Burbridge and Senator J.G. Blaine called on Genl Tyner on my behalf but to no purpose I Called on the President & he told me to file my papers and [I?] waited until the 11th at night when I left for home I called on Sectary War Genl [McCrary?] Mr. John Sherman Sec Treasury and on all the heads of the Departments Saw Genl Sherman Gen’l [Averel?], Butler & others was at the opening of Congress in the house and the

**Senate Chamber Saw all the Senators in the Senate & house every day for over a week, in the Library at the Capitol, in the House talked with Blackburn & others in the Senate; talked with Mr. Blaine [Deck?] & others at the Patent Office Saw Carl [Shrop?] Genl Shoeff & others went through the Treasury Saw them make money also the engraving department all through the Post Office Dept out to the Navy Yard, visited the Cemetry at Georgetown, went to the Theatre saw them play [T]rip to the moon went to see [Lutten? Lotta?] & to the Theatre Commique. I stayed 4 weeks and returned home Stopped at Cinti spent 2 days & returnd home with my wife I was well all the time had a very pleasant trip Ed Godey was married while I was there—
[From this point on, understandably, E.C. Barlow’s handwriting is much more difficult to read. He also stopped indenting the lines below the dates.]

pg 80

**Augt 23 1888 Little Abner Donaplum Best had a hog to fall on him at 3 o’clock PM & Died at 11 o’clock at night Pa Died Dec 14th 1887 at Bro. F.A. Lyon & Brought home & was burried 16th 1887—He died of Mental Prostration—
Augt 3rd Jimmie left home was not feelnig [feeling] well he was doing well in selling goods until the yellow Fever Stampede from Florida He was at Columbus Ga. And felt like he was going to be sick, and was making for home when he was taken down at Charlotte N.C. Augt 30th He wrote his wife that he was Sick & would like to have her with him if [s]he was able, and on the 3rd Sept he dispatched for her to come immediately. So we

pg 84

**partially con[s]cious he died without a struggle Saturday morning at 5 o clk Mch 16 th 1889 and his funeral was preached on the 18 th at the M.E. chu[r]ch by Rev [V.?] R. Savage and prayer by [Bro? Rev?] Cox he had a fair crowd it being court day. Thus passed a way the best man I ever knew—a good friend of the poor and liberal to the church he was 89 yrs 1 mo & 14 days old.

Mr Best Mr Hambrick E C Barlow and our wives all met at his old home where he Died now owned by Eddy Hambrick his G—Son & divided the effects—my wife took the clock 16$ Mr H the watch 47$ also a chair Table @ 50$ Eddy bought the Horse at 50$--we appraised the house & lots as follows: the [Harp?] hous[e] $1,000 the lot & Blksmith shop $1,000 & the Residence I live in at $8,000.00. I owed $500.00 [8500.00?] also some Rent about 100$ [Six?][horses?] & old statels [saddles?] was put at 300$ over [?? End of page; does “over” mean continued next page?]


Most of the furniture including the carpets we gave to Eddie H. & wife for their kindness to him The Books we will divide soon & dispose of the Rockaways[?]. he did not owe any one to any amount—

Apr 9 th Sallie & I left home at 12 o’clock Sallie stayed with her sister in Covington while I went to Washington D.C. after the P. Office I went with Cousin [Nettie?][Baker? Baken?] of Delaware. She stoped at Washington 2 days to see sights I met all my old friends, Goodlow[?], Blaine[?] & others Stopped 3 nights with [Mr?] [Jno?][Re?] & 1 night with Cousin May [Mary?] B. & the rest with Genl McMillen had a delightful visit—return on the 23 rd Stopped in Cinti O bought a sett of China dinner and [Jar?]last 2 words written above line] paid $18.50—and returned home Apl 24 that night—

July 20 1890 Bought 2 lots 50 ft each from Mr [Fennill?][Finner?] Paid $140 cash and gave 2 notes $145—one [yr?] & 145 two yrs with 6 [1?] per cent inst

pg 86

**Aug 20 1890 Cousin R N Jones and his wife made us a visit from Reding Pa took in the Lex. [fairs? races?] Returned home via Cinti O. Took their daughter Etta Home N.W. [Baker?] son Harry & Mr. Winsor from the Navy were with them. [No punctuation among these names.] that had [was?] a delightful visit

Sept 28 [U.?] S. Allgaier from war St [Jos.?][Mo?.Mrs?] (Gower) [his parentheses] made us a visit after 30 yrs absent.

J.W. Keller & Callie went to Cinti O. then up the River to Cala[?] Ky was gone 5 days.

Oct 3 [5?] Clarence [Young?] is here from Washington D.C.

Sept 19 th old man Newton [Greig? Craig?] Died—

Oct 1 st I had a new Elevated floor put in Hall paid $175.00 to W [H? R?] Pollock to do it.

Oct 3 The Business was orgainzed [organized? arrainged?] and 5$ [500.00? This is written 5$ with four zeros inserted above the line] was Subscribed for streetcars to Depots.

Oct 4 [W? M?][A? O?][probably W. O.] Thompson & Willie went to Lex Willie bought a Suit clothes.

July 12 Mimi Keller[,] Sister of J.W. K. & his Bro Ed & George made us a visit of 6 nights. She is a very nice Christian young lady.


Oct 14 I put 18 Electric lights in Hall. I am to pay 2.50 per mo

or 30$ per year.

I had water works put in Store Hall and the S S [Moore?] stores--

17 I went to Lex Ky saw Budd Dobble Drake 3 races Jack 215 ¾ Cardigan 2.22 & McDore in 215 ¾. I did not bet a cent

Oct 15 [Had?] Henry’s Minstrels in Hall [Big?] House abt 300 people in to hear him $31.45 share

Sept 17 Beach & Bowers Minstrell Co good house. My Share $25.00

Oct 17 [Green? Sheen?] Clay’s dau[g]thter [Sanni?] [Gaines?][two words] Ella Thompson & [Miss?] Evans gave concert in Hall at fair ground for the benefit of the P [Presbyterian?] church $5.00

Oct 14 Bro F.A. Lyon went to Texas to see [(Neaty)?][his parentheses]

Nov 23 rd Sallie T. Barlow Died Nov: 23 rd 1890 of Paralysis of the brain at 6 o’clock a.m. She was taken to her bed about 3 days and at 6 o clock of Nov. 22 nd She got worse and never was concious until She died. Willie T. Barlow & E. C. Barlow Jr. came to live with us & Jno & James with Pa & Ma Thompson and May Bell with Dr J A Thomason & wife. It was Sallies request that May Bell should go to them.

pg 88

Dec 25 Charley Gaines stop[p]ed here on a visit from Texas. given Charlie Gains a pr Sleeve Buttons

Dec 25 E.C. Barlow & Sallie Ma give Callie a gold opened face Rockfort Stem Winding Watch. he promised us to quit the use of cigeretts &c[.] we give John a small Nickle Waterberry Watch & charm for a Xmas gift—Give May Bell a Baley Albright Ring—Give Willie T an Emerald Stud.

W.O. Thompson Died Janry 9 th 1891, about 20 minutes past 6 o’clk P.M. of Heart Disease he was 67 years old—

Rev J.A. Henderson Died & bur[i]ed Jany 30 1891 [Mamie?] [Maria?] Lyon & 4 children went up to Beattyville Ky to join her husband Jny 30/91

Jany 31 st 1891 The Methodist[s] have been holding a protracted meeting for 2 weeks

[Note: At this point, E.C.’s handwriting is very difficult to read.]

Willie T. mad[e] a visit to Sam [Guines?] [Quinese?] near Bryantsville Ky—10 days gone

Jany 28 1891 Johnnie [Gaines?] let Callie have his mother[‘]s watch & chain he appraised it at 35$ he consulted me It was charged to [him?]

Mch 16 Court day Mr Best & Mary Bell come up and I paid Mr Best $130 in full for Rent of dressing room to Mch 20 th 1891.

“ 17 Sallie and I went to Uncle John F. Cantrill[‘]s funeral with Governor J. F. Cantrill and

**Mch 17 his son Campbell Cantrill. it was a delightfull day & we met a great many of our relatves. he was a good man and had many friends.

18 Sallie went out to see [Mr?] Hambrick who is down with the grip and to see Eddie[‘]s Baby Nellie [Minnie?] [two names]


April 28 Sallie C. Ann [Charlie Ann?] went to Cinti O. to visit her sister [Mrs?] Best was gone 2 weeks had a nice visit; met Kate Johnson, [Mrs?] Ramsey, visited our cousin Mary Trimble & [Uphton? Ashton?]

May 6 I went to Frankfort Ky Stayed all night at the Capitol Met W.O. Bradley

June 4 I left home for Washington D.C. Stoped at Lex. Ky took dinner with Carrie & Sister Teresa. I arrived at Washington June 5 th Stopped with Cousin [Uirrerus?] filed papers for Post Office and returned June 19 th 1891.

Jun 8 Sunday James R. Barlow broke his arm at Johnathan Smith’s. it was broke near the elbow.

June 3 rd 1891 Willie T. Barlow sett in with Robt Blackwell to learn Telegriphy and other duties about the Rail Road business.

pg 90

Jun 20 Callie went to Harrodsburgh to put up Bills for H &visit Camp meeting—

July 18 At nigh Jesse Webb P.M. turned over the office to me & I commenced on Sundy the 19 th July 1891. I was commissioned on 2 nd July But did not fix up bond until the 19 th—E. Callie Barlow Jr is my 1 st Assistant & Jas. H. [Rummly? Renny?] 2 nd Assist

Augt 21 Dr Thomason James R Barlow & myself went to Cinti Ohio to have Jay’s arm examined by Dr Milton & Owens. They thought all had been done that could & it was better to let it alone & make him use it all the time. his charge was Five dollars I bought Willie & Cal under ware Jno & Joey waists myself [pr pants?] $4.75—got back the same day—

Oct 26 [20?] Sallie went to Cinti Ohio bought a [Cloak?]—Ret Sat night—Nov 7, 1891

Oct 8 Sunday Sallie & I went up to the Funeral of Carrie P. Thompson who Died Friday 6 th 1891at the Sanitarium Cinti Mount Auburn

Dec 3 Aunt Kate Green made us a visit of 3 days left Saturd[a]y the 5 th Dec for Louisville Ky

Dec 5 th Dave Ross died & was buried 6 Sunday morning he was 63 yrs old


Dec 15 th Mrs Amelia Thompson wife W.O. Thompson Died. She was Sallie’s mother. Jimmie’s Motherinlaw


Jany 11 th I attend[ed] the Funeral of Fannie B. Allison wife of John Allison & was one of the Pall Bearers I went out with Prof. Rucker [Cady? Cody?] & George Allison.

1892 Feb 13 P. [L.? J.? T.?] Mitchell daughter Mary Wadsworth & Grandson Phil son of [Kates?] is here on a visit after an absence of 35 yrs

1892 Feb [18? 13?] T.W. Keller left for his home in Indiana: Hope & Columbus--to visit his mother & relatives

Feb 24 Minnie Hambrick ran off with Chas. M. Sandifer and was married by Rev. Settles at Louisville Hotel at 1 ’oclock Wednesday the 24 th.

May 18 I received my increase of Pension 6$ per mo. $45.00 back pay & will get from May 4 th and on $30.00 per mo for life—

“ 18 th Mr Brice [Champ? Chaud? Chanup? Charup?] Died of Heart disease and leaves [Lillie? Tillie?] a widow


[Apl?] 16 I had pneumonia for 2 weeks

Oct 1 Lillie [Champ? Chenup?] came to visit us and stayed until Feb 1 st 1893—4 months

pg 92

Willie T Barlow went a way with The George Lyon Comedy Co.

Minnie Standifer nee Hambrick had a baby—Hambrick Standifer.

Mch 13 th Mr Lindsey [Moore? Moon?] commenced boarding with us at $4.00 per week the same that [C. E.? J.C?] Keller has been paying

July 4 1893 Mrs C.E. Keller & son Albert made us a visit and left

June 20 [Qsistre? Sister?] Miller & Nat came from Washington D.C. to [?????] a visit one week

Augt 22 nd Mr U Hambrick C Ann Sallie Barlow & Mary Bell Best all left for the East to visit Reading Pa & other places.

Augst 23 rd Harry S. orr stopped with us from 23 rd to Monday the 28 th & left for Paris Ky

Saturday 26. Show in the Hall Slim House—

Monday Augt 28 th Mr Z E Hagen [Hogen?] was here & left at night I got him to examine May Bell’s eyes and have him select two prs of steel speck[s] for near & short sight—


July 14 Jay Barlow & May Bell Barlow left home to make a visit to their Aunt Mary Bell Best. They stayed one week & returned home having a nice visit—


July 24 Willie T. Barlow and Callie Barlow left her[e] with Capt E. Sinclairs Company for Paducah Ky for a Tendays encampment. The[y] were cheerful & happy.

July 25 Sallie went to High Bridge Camp Meeting today to be gone until it is over. She expected [to?] have her sister Mary Best go up with her, Mr Hambrick and wife having gone a few days ago—


Nov 17 th Cousin Minerva McMillan is with us. She come [to us? over?] 2 weeks ago. She is so full of life so cheerful [that] I am sorry she cannot be with us longer.

Nov 17 Willie T. is 21 yrs old to day. I feel [hope?] he will try & make [a] man of himself—


Jany 31 st I give up the Post Office after having it 4 yrs 6 months & 12 days To D.A. Adams & Hugh Anderson who Divide the office Callie is retained as clrk for a while.

pg 94


Feby 1 D A Adams took charge and I assisted him for a while Callie Barlow will remain until they can run it—I held the office for 4 yrs under President Arthur & Garfield & M Buch, wife & J Webb altogether had it for about 5 yrs I applied und[er] Prest Harrison & took charge July 19 th 1891& give up January 31 st 1896

{These are the last words in the diary of E.C. Barlow. He died February17, 1897; his wife Sallie lived on until September 11, 1925. Her great-great-grandson remembers her from when she lived with them. Thus, someone born in 1834 was directly known by a person still living in 2005.

There are four pages that follow, numbered A-D by Ed Barlow. The first is jottings of figures, just adding and subtracting, some upside down (page A), and the next is a page of items that were lost in a fire (undated) and their costs (page B). I will not repeat those figures here. The last two pages, however, are apparently records boarders. These were done in pencil and they have faded a bit, making some words rather illegible.}

Page C:

H. H. Hicks commenced Tuesday 16 th Sept 1856 at 3$ per week up to 3 Feb 19 weeks $57.00

By cash paid in full [at?] Feb 9 1857 $57.00

Wm. J. Hays commenced Feb 9 th 1857 Monday

By cash for 8 weeks [bord] $24.00 20 weeks $60.00

By “ ” [Bord] $ 36.00


Everment Hambric Commenced Monday 15 th Sept 1856

At $3.00 per week & left Feb 30 th 1857 19 weeks $57.00

By cash Father $57.00

[Q?] Ward com’d Feb 9 1857 Monday at 3$ per week

By cash for Board up to Mch 16 th jk $15.00

Wm Hill commenced Monday 29 th September 1856

At 3$ per week. By cash $42.00 up to [10 ????] $108.00


By cash in full $66.00 $ 66.00

Mr Pearce commenced Oct 3 rd 1856 Friday at $3.00

Oct 4 th 1856 By cash $60.00

Received payment up to the 1 st of March 1857

Mary Bell Rawlins commenced Monday 22 nd Sept 1857

Page D:

Tom Offutt commenced bording July 21 st 1857

on Tuesday at 3$ per week

Left on Saturday 6 th February 1858

& paid up in full

Tom Waddill comc’d bording Augt 31 st 1857

To 28 weeks [upon] 1 st Feby 1858 84

By cash 50

Tom left 25 th June 1858 34

H. H. Hicks com’d bording Sept 22 nd 1857

Mr McKay commenced bording Feb 10 th 1858

Mr Lindsey Moore commenced to Board

with us on Saturday the 13 th March [1873? 1893?]

at $4.00 per week the same as [I] have

been charging Ed C. Keller.

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