From the book, Bunches of Barlows written by Elizabeth O. Michaels and John O. Hawkins    pages 46 - 50

The Foster Family

Transcribed by Sheila Hudson Purdum

In 1678 James Foster and John Garnett were neighboring landowners in Kingston Parish Gloucester / now Mathews Co, Virginia, and for generations afterward their descendants were closely associated and intermarried in the newer counties of Essex, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Orange, and Culpepper.

James Foster’s sons Robert and John purchased adjoining lands in Essex County in 1692 and afterwards settled there.

Robert Foster, the elder brother, died 1716 in St. Anne’s Parrish, Essex County, leaving a will which names his wife Elizabeth, eight sons and three daughters:

Robert, James, John, Barbary, Loveing / Lovern, Richard George, Thomas, William, Margaret, Elizabeth and Anthony.

His widow Elizabeth, shortly afterward married Robert Charlesworth and moved to King William / now Caroline County, and later to Amelia County, where many of her Foster children also settled.

Robert Foster Sr. was probably the grandfather -or possibly great-grandfather of George Foster -ca 1745-1817- who settled in Wilkes County by 1782, on the Yadkin River near Holman’s Ford --at Goshen--

He had three sons:

Robert married Mary Allison

George Jr. married Amy Gray

Thomas B. Foster married Frances Triplett

Daughters of George Foster Sr. included:

Edith who married Thomas Ferguson and lived at the mouth of Stony Fork  Their son: John Foster Ferguson married Eleanor Triplett

John Foster, the younger of the two brothers who settled in Essex County, married Sarah Garnett, daughter of John Garnett.

In his later years, he moved to Caroline County, where he died in testate in 1736; his estate was administered in both Essex and Caroline Counties, presumably because he owned property in both. As he left no will it has not been possible to determine the identity of all his children, but on the basis of strong circumstantial evidence, they appear to include sons:

John, Anthony, Thomas, Robert and perhaps William and Achilles  - the last two may be grandsons-

and at least one daughter:

Philadelphia, who married John Snell and lived in Spotsylvania and Orange Counties

John married Isabella Haskew / Askew, lived in Spotsylvania, Orange and Albe- marle Counties, died 1764 in Albemarle, leaving a will which names seven sons and four daughters including:

Sarah Garnett Foster

Philadelphia Foster

Anthony married twice and died in 1763 in Spotsylvania County, leaving a will

Thomas married Ann Garnett, his first cousin and died 1790/91 in Orange County, leaving a will.

Anthony Foster - died 1763- first appeared in Spotsylvania in 1725, when as Anthony Foster of St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, he bought 100 acres on the River Po - one of the forks of the Mattaponi River; his brothers John and Thomas also acquired lands in the same neighborhood.

Anthony married first, Martha _____, second, Mrs. Sarah Sparks, a widow

Had four sons and three daughters - most by the first wife.

The sons were:

Edmund - died 1748   Thomas - died 1764   John - died 1763   Anthony - 1741-1816

All were married, but the three eldest died in early manhood, leaving small families.

The eldest, Edmund, married Tabitha Collins -a sister of Mrs. Ann Wisdom-   One daughter: Mary   His widow remarried twice afterwards.

Thomas married before 1750 Dorothy Gatewood

John married ca 1761 Elizabeth Elley

Anthony married Rose Coleman, and died in Logan Co Kentucky.

Thomas Foster -ca 1710/15-1790/91, a younger son of John Foster and Sarah 'Garnett', is mentioned briefly in the Caroline County records as a young man, serving on a jury. In 1736, he witnessed a deed for his brother Anthony in Spotsylvania, and on 01 June 1741 he received a patent for 400 acres in Spotsylvania, among the branches of the Mattaponi River.

In 1744 he and John Coffey -whose widow and many of his children came to Wilkes witnessed a deed in Spotsylvania for Anthony Garnett -probably his brother-in-law.  As Thomas Foster of St. Mark’s Parish, Orange County, he sold his Spotsylvania land on 01 May 1744; one of the witnesses was Edmund Foster, his eldest nephew, then about 19 years old.

Thomas Foster was married about 1741 to his first cousin Ann Garnett, probably in Essex or Caroline Counties; their children with the possible exception of Sarah, the oldest, were born in Orange County where Thomas Foster lived for the remainder of his life. He died in 1790 or early 1791, leaving a will dated 3 November 1779, which names his wife Ann, but mentions only four of their eleven children by name, referring only to his “other children” who had already received their shares of his property. Those named are:

John, Lucy and Milly, the three who were unmarried at the time, and Ann Robins, a widow.



Sarah Foster -ca 1743-1829/30-    Married ca 1764 William Kindall -died ca 1777-

Lived in Orange County until about 1788 when she and her six children removed to Wilkes Co NC, where she purchased a plantation on Elk Creek.

Issue: four sons and two daughters.



Ann Foster -ca 1745-14 June 1833-    Married ca 1766 William Robins -died 1773-74 in Orange County-

Removed by 1786 to Wilkes Co North Carolina

Issue: four daughters:

Frances, born ca 1767, married 1786 Jacob Hagler

Ann -1769-1857- married 1788 Colonel John Bryan

Margaret, born ca 1771, married 1789 Thomas Lenoir

Lucy, born ca 1773, married 1790 Henry Bryan



Mary Foster, born c 1747, living 1831 married 24 December 1775  by the Rev. John Wingate, rector of St. Thomas’ Parish, Orange Co, after publication of banns, Captain Thomas Robins

Removed by 1779 to Wilkes Co NC, and about 1815 to Bedford Co Tennessee.

Known issue:   Two sons:

John and William

At least three daughters, one of who was:

Nancy Robins, born 1784/90  Married 1805 Langston Cunningham



Phoebe Foster -19 June 1749-December 1827-  Married 10 October 1769 George Jones -1743-1830-

Removed from Orange Co Virginia, to Wilkes Co NC, in 1789.

Issue: seven sons and six daughters.



Philadelphia Garnett Jones -1770-1857-  Married 1791 Andrew Bryan -1756-1808-

Lived in Wilkes.



Gen. Edmund Jones -1771-1844-  Married 1798 Ann Lenoir, -1778-1838- second daughter of General William Lenoir

Lived at “Palmyra,” Caldwell County.



George Jones -1773-1843-  Married ca 1806 Elizabeth Mills; Died in Rutherford / now Polk County.



Larkin Jones -1774-1804-  Unmarried

A merchant in South Carolina, in partnership with John Humphreys.



Col. Catlett Jones -1776-1856-  Married 1801 Ann Dula, -1785-1846-  second daughter of Captain William Dula.



John Jones -1778-1813-   Unmarried



Ann Foster Jones born 1780, died in 1870 in Rutherfordton, NC  Married first 1825 Ambrose Mills  -died ca 1849- in Rutherford / now Polk County-
Married second James Allen

No issue.



Phoebe Jones -born 1782- Married ca 1805 Benjamin Jones Jr., her double first cousin.

They had three sons and seven daughters

Moved to Coffee Co Tennessee, in 1835.



Hugh Jones -1784-1872/79- Unmarried



Elizabeth L. Jones -born 1787- Married 1819 Captain Samuel Downs of Laurens District, SC

Removed to Mississippi



Lucy Jones -1789-1886-  Married Hillair H. Gilreath

No issue.

Lived near Moravian Falls, NC.



Major Thomas Foster Jones -1791-1873-  Married first 1817 Sarah Joyce Lenoir, -1796-1820-  fifth and youngest daughter of General William Lenoir.
          Married second Emily Thompson,  daughter of Judge Waddy Thompson of Greenville, SC

Was a merchant at Laurens Court House, SC



Matilda Jones -born 1794- died young-



Elizabeth Foster -ca 1751-13 September 1848- Married 12 May 1774  by the Rev. John Wingate, rector of St. Thomas’ Parish, after publication of the banns Major Benjamin Hones -1750-1820-

Removed by 1785 to Wilkes County, NC, where he died.
Elizabeth removed to Bedford County, Tennessee and later with her daughter, Fanny Robinett to Coffee Co Tennessee

Issue – one son and five daughters.



Benjamin Jones Jr. born 1775/80  Married ca 1805 his cousin Phoebe Jones (see above).



Phoebe Jones  Married ca 1799 Allen Robinette

Moved to Mississippi or Louisiana.



Lucy Jones -1780-1846-  Married 1805 Captain Moses Cass

Moved to Coffee County Tennessee after 1840.



Elizabeth Jones  Married 1801 Willis Thurmond

Moved to Jackson County, Georgia in 1805



Ann Mildred Jones, born 1785  Married 1805 Colonel John Martin -ca 1782-1839-

After his death she moved to Cherokee / now Clay Co NC



Fanny Jones, born ca 1787  Married 1807, Jesse Robinette Jr.

Removed to Bedford County, Tennessee.



Frances Foster -ca 1752-1843-  Married 13 November 1767 Morton Jones -1747-1841-

Removed 1789 to Wilkes Co North Carolina,

In 1818 to Bedford Co Tennessee, and about 1825 to Franklin / now Coffee Co Tennessee.

Issue: six sons and one daughter.



Gabriel Hones, born 29 November 1768, died 1840  Married 1792 Mary Robins, daughter of Major John Robins

Lived in Franklin Co Georgia, Wilkes Co NC, Franklin Co Tennessee, and Coffee Co Tennessee.

Issue: one son and one daughter:

James M. Jones    Elizabeth Jones



Hugh Jones, born 8 October 1770, Married Mary Webb

Removed to Coffee Co Tennessee, and Franklin Co Tennessee.



Morton Jones - Jr. born ca 1776, died 1825/28, Married 1807 Alley Cleveland, daughter of Capt. Robert Cleveland and niece of Col. Benjamin Cleveland

Moved 1808 Bedford County, Tennessee.



Thomas Jones -04 July 1778-9 May 1856-  Married 1809 in Franklin Co Georgia, Jane Robins, -1790-1853- daughter of Major John Robins, brother of William and Thomas above

Lived on the Yadkin River in Caldwell County.

Issue: six sons and five daughters.



Fanny Jones, born ca 1782, died ca 1815  Married 1814 her double first cousin Ambrose Foster  (see below).

Issue: one daughter:

Fanny Foster, born 1815, married 1833 Lindsay Triplett



Benjamin Jones, born ca 1784  Married ca 1804 Sarah Case

Removed to Tennessee - 1810/20.



Joseph Dike Jones, born ca 1786, died 1845/49  Married 1814, his double first cousin Mary Foster   (see below);

Lived on the south fork of Lewis Fork in Wilkes Co NC

Issue: three sons and two daughters:

Andrew Jackson    Joseph Henderson   Edmund Rufus   Fanny married Calloway Elrod   an unidentified daughter



Thomas Foster -ca 1754-1831/32-  Married first 08 October 1774 Mary Sawyer -no issue-  Married second 25 February 1777 Frances Jones

Both marriages by the Rev. John Wingate, rector of St. Thomas’ Parish, after publication of the banns.

Frances Jones was a sister of George Morton, and Benjamin -above; they were children of Hugh Jones Sr. of Orange County, and his first wife Elizabeth 'Foster', whose relationship, if any, to the other Fosters in unknown.

Thomas Foster Jr. and family moved to Wilkes County, NC, about 1788/89 and settled eventually on the south fork of Lewis Fork near Morton Jones.

Frances, who was born ca 1754, died 1820/30

Thomas died in testate in 1831/32, and his estate was administered by his son, Ambrose.

Thomas and Frances had eight sons and one daughter.



Thomas Foster, born 1778,  Married ca 1815 Nancy Case;

Left Wilkes after 1820.

Had two daughters by 1820.



Anthony Foster, born 1780  Married 1813, Lucy Goforth, his first cousin (see below)

Both died 1870/80 in Fishing Creek Township, Wilkes County.

They had three sons and five daughters:

Thomas Nelson married Amelia Wright Mastin    John R. married Mary Bell   an unidentified son

The daughters:   Louisa, Lavinia, Caroline, Frances and Delphia never married.



John Foster -09 July 1782 – 14 June 1860-  Married 1809 Ann Vannoy -1790 1873-

Lived in Rock Creek Township, Wilkes County.

They are said to have had fifteen children -ten sons and five daughters- many of their children migrated to Webster Co Missouri, and Van Zandt Co Texas.

Their daughters:   Elizabeth and Sarah Ann married their cousins Alfred M. and John J. Foster, sons of Ambrose  (see below).



Achilles Foster -1784-1843-  Married 1830 his first cousin Lavinia Goforth (see below);

Lived on the south fork of Lewis Fork in Wilkes County.

They had three sons and two daughters:

Achilles Elkanah Foster -born 1881 died 1917-  Married his first cousin Delphia Adelaide Rose (see below)

Edmund W. Foster -1834 - 1911-   Married Nancy Jane Eller

Mary Foster -born ca1836-

John Thomas Foster - born 1840, died 1821-  Married Martha Louisa Adkins

Louisa Foster - 1841-1850-



Ambrose Foster -ca 1786-September 1832 - Married first 1814, his double first cousin Fanny Jones

He died in Camden, SC, while on a trip to Charleston; his widow and many of his family moved to Van Zandt County, Texas.

By his first wife he had one child:

Fanny  (see above)

By the second, five sons and one daughter:

Alfred Miller married his first cousin Elizabeth Foster, (see above)

John J. married his first cousin Sarah Ann Foster, (see above)

William, Thomas, Edmund, and Mary Ann.



Mary Foster -ca 1788-1840/50-  Married 1814 her double first cousin Joseph Dike Jones  (see above),

Mary is presumed to be the mother of a natural daughter, Lucinda Foster, born c 1804, who was reared by her grandparents.
Married 1825 Thomas Northern.



Edmund Foster, born ca 1796, living 1860  Unmarried

In later life lived with his nephew Edmund R. Jones in Meat Camp District, Watauga County.



Anthony Foster -born 1756, living 1840- Married 04 April 1776, by Rev. John Wingate, rector of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co after publication of the banns, Elizabeth Price

Removed by 1787 to Wilkes County NC and between 1830 and 1840 to Grayson County Virginia.

They had six sons and six daughters, but few details of these have been learned; apparently none remained in Wilkes County.
Four of the daughters were unmarried as late as 1820. The only clearly identifiable daughter is the second daughter:

Sarah Foster -ca 1788 living 1880- who married 1813 her first cousin, Rev William Goforth, a Baptist minister in Wilkes and Iredell co's (see below).

The oldest daughter either married or died between 1800 and 1810.



John Foster -ca 1758-15 February 1824   Unmarried

He was co-executor of his father’s will, and after the death of their parents he and his unmarried sister Lucy followed the rest of the family to Wilkes County, NC, where he purchased a valuable plantation on the north side of the Yadkin River above the mouth of Roaring River, on which he and Lucy lived until their deaths.



Lucy Foster -1760-1834- Unmarried



Mildred Foster -1762-1855-  Married ca 19 September 1788 / date of the marriage bond  Thomas Goforth -died 1819- a native of New Jersey

After living briefly in Tennessee, they settled permanently on Lewis Fork in Wilkes by 1800.

They had two sons and six daughters



Lucy Goforth -1789-1870/80-  Married her first cousin Anthony Foster -1780-1870/80- (see above)



John Goforth, born ca 1790, living 1850,  Married first 1818 Rhoda Parsons -died 1830,  Married second 1835 Elizabeth Kendall

No issue by second wife

One son and four daughters:

Eveline married Elijah W. Dockery

James Thomas married Hannah Louise Phillips

Mary married Joseph Asbury Hutson

Delphia married John N. Blackburn

Amelia married Thomas Holman.



William Goforth -ca 1792-1850/60-  Married 1813 his first cousin Sarah Foster -ca 1788, living 1880- (see above), and was a Baptist minister in Wilkes and Iredell Co's.  

They had eight sons and three daughters:

Thomas B. married Margaret_____

Anthony married Hettie Dowell

Nancy Eliza - unmarried

John Wesley married first Temperance Wooton, second Berilla _____

William married Esther Brotherton

an unidentified son

Sarah C. - unmarried

Joseph Nelson married Mary Sparks


Samuel Smith married Jane J. Walker

Larkin L.



Lavinia Goforth -1795-living 1880-  Married 1830 her first cousin Achilles Foster (see above).



Philadelphia Garnett Goforth -ca 1798-1846-  Married ca 1839 Wyatt Rose -1813-1901-

Issue: one daughter:

Delphia Adelaide Rose -born ca 1843- Married her first cousin Achilles Elkanah Foster (see above).



Amelia Goforth - ca 1800-ca 1877-  Married 1847 the Reverend Edmund Tilley -born ca 1807-  a Baptist minister in Caldwell County.

No issue.

Her husband survived her and married again.



Nancy Dollins Goforth -1803-living 1880- Unmarried


1-11-8 Phoebe Goforth -1805-living 1880- Unmarried


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