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Barlow Hotels
John Dick and Harry Barlow
Hope, Hempstead Co Arkansas - Malvern, Hot Spring Co Arkansas - Dequeen, Sevier Co Arkansas

This Barlow family, comes from Moses "Harry" Barlow of Manchester England, migration 1862 to Corry Pennsylvania, to Hempstead Co Arkansas between 1884-1887


Barlow and Hill Law Firm
Bakersfield, California
Charles Averill Barlow is of the George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts Families

Barlow Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Los Angeles, California
Walter Jarvis Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Barlow Promotional Products
Los Angeles, California - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow, Sanderson & Company
Denver, Colorado
Bradley Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Barlow Dairy
Durango, Colorado
Fred Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Grand Springs Hotel
Defiance Colorado
Unknown Family Origins

Barlow Dude Ranch
Antonito Colorado
William H. Barlow R.E. Barlow
Unknown Family Origins


George M. Barlow - Groceries & General Merchandise
West Stafford Connecticut - George of Sandwich Massachusetts

J.R. Barlow - Bookseller & Stationer
Hartford, Connecticut - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Dairy
Grubbs, Delaware - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Corn Planter Company
Quincy, Illinois
Joseph Barlow is of the George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts Families

Clark and Barlow Hardware Company
Chicago, Illinois - Unknown Family Origins

The Gerlach-Barklow Company
Joliet, Illinois - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Maney Laboratories
Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Unknown Family Origins

Lloyd's 'Barlow' Restaurant
Marshalltown, Iowa - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow's Cafe
Marshalltown, Iowa - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Cigar Company
Leavenworth, Kansas - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow's New Shoe Store
Waterville, Maine - Unknown Family Origins


Fred C. Barlow's Riverside Farm
Gilbertville, Massachusetts - George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts Families

J.W. Barlow Manufacturer of Loom Pickers
Lawrence, Massachusetts - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow Manufacturing Company
Holyoke, Massachusetts - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Jewelry Store
Williamston, Michigan
Frederick J. Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Barlow Brothers
 Rapids, Michigan - Unknown Family Origins

The Freeman
Niles, Michigan - Lemuel S. Barlow Jr, Editor - George of Sandwich


B.O. Barlow General Merchandise
Barrett, Minnesota - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow & Spicer's Drug Store
Albert Lea, Minnesota - Unknown Family Origins

Weber - Barlow Super Valu Store
Crystal Village, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Unknown Family Origins


B.I. Barlow Groceries
Columbia, Nevada - Unknown Family Origins

New Jersey

G.A. Barlow's and Son - Barlow's Music
Trenton, New Jersey - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow's Drug Store
Highland Park - Joseph Harrison Barlow, son of Joseph Craig Barlow - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow Hotel
Trenton New Jersey
George Herbert Barlow family originated in Staffordshire, England

New York

G.W. Barlow, Manufacturer
- Unknown Family Origins-

Barlow and Company
Sing Sing, New York
William H. Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Thompson-Barlow Company, Publishers
New York City - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow & Clark Hardware
Bainbridge, New York - Unknown Family Origins
There is also a Barlow-Clark Hardware in Illinois, that may be the same company

Barlow, Rogers, and Simpson Cigar Factory
Binghampton, New York
George H. Barlow - Unknown Family Origins

R.H. Dun, Barlow & Co
New York, New York
Charles Barlow - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow's General Store
Treadwell, New York
Harry Arnold Barlow is of the Fairfield Families

Barlow Hotel
East Durham, New York - George of Sandwich


J.T. Barlow Publishing Company
Dayton, Ohio - Unknown Family Origins

Legler Barlow & Company
Dayton, Ohio - Unknown Family Origins
Theodor Barlage aka Theodore Barlow is from Germany

Barlow & Kent Company
Urbana, Ohio
E. W. Barlow - L.C. Barlow - Earl W. Barlow - Unknown Family Origins

The Huber Company
Marion Co Ohio
Shauck E. Barlow, Treasurer, President, and Chairman of the Board
Shauck is from the Fairfield Families


Barlow Brothers Pack Train
Galice, Oregon - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Hardware Company
Corry, Pennsylvania
G.H. Barlow - Unknown Family Origins

King and Barlow
Corry, Pennsylvania - Unknown Business - Unknown Family Origins

Benjamin Barlow's Indigo Blue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Unknown Family Origins

Wallace Homer Barlow Dairy
Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania - Fairfield Families

Happy Barlow Cigars
Thomas Henry Barlow - Unknown Family Origins


M.J. Barlow and Co.
Cotulla, Texas - Merril Judson Barlow is of the Fairfield Families


Barlow Motor Sales & Oil Co.
Junction, Utah - Unknown Family Origins


Edward Barlow Dry Goods
Burlington, Vermont - Unknown Family Origins


Gus Barlow's Smithfield Dairy
Smithfield, Virginia - Unknown Family Origins


C.S. Barlow and Sons
Tacoma, Washington
Calvin S. Barlow is of the George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts Families

C.L. Barlow Shoe Store
Monroe, Washington - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing Co.
Ripon, Wisconsin - Unknown Family Origins

Mixed States

Barlow Circus
Nebraska, Kansas & Missouri
Erskin Dimmrick Wheeler parents were Marshall Wheeler of Homesdale Pennsylvania,
and Sarah Barlow of Tiffton, New York - Unknown Family Origins

Unknown Origins

Barlow's Big Bottles
- Unknown Family Origins



William Henry Barlow, Architect
London, England   1812 - 1902 - Unknown Family Origins

Samuel Barlow Coal Co LTD
Birmingham, England - Unknown Family Origins

Dobson & Barlow, LTD
Bolton, England - Unknown Family Origins

Cotton & Barlow
Longton, Staffordshire, England - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow and Jones Ltd.
Manchester, England - Unknown Family Origins

J.R. Barlow Crackley Kennels
Meriden, Warwickshire, England - Unknown Family Origins

Barlow Brothers
Birmingham, England - Unknown Family Origins


Barlow Liqueur
- Unknown Family Origins -

New Zealand

Barlow Brothers
- Unknown Family Origins -


South Africa

Barlow's Television Company
New Germany, Natal, South Africa - Unknown Family Origin


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