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A Husband for Barbara
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Alexander Barlow
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Alexander Barlow
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Alexander Barlow
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Barlow Genealogy
1998 - 2008

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Contributed by: Pat Slaugh
This information was originally compiled by Helen Barlow of Marlinton, West Virginia.
Helen was the daughter of W. Howard and Anna 'Patterson' Barlow

Note: The genealogy naming Barbara Raush and Alexander Barlow has been in existence for some time, without any proof or documentation, but recently many of the new researchers have found information, I believe will prove that Barbara's maiden name was Harvey, and her husband was Richard Barlow, not Alexander. ---See "A Husband for Barbara"---

In April 2003, DNA testing has proven that these families descend from the Isle of Wight Virginia Barlow families, which has been long said to come from England, so the theory that the family comes from France, is probably also in error.
First Generation
Alexander Barlow was a French emigrant and married an English emigrant named Barbara and was living in Bath County in the Colony of Virginia when the Revolutionary War began and he enlisted in the Continental Army and was killed in battle. His widow later married a man named Casebolt and lived on the mountain overlooking Buckeye West Virginia.
Second Generation
John Barlow, only child of Alexander, was born November 26, 1781 and married Martha Waddell of near Mill Point, purchased land and built a home on Red Lick Mountain, near Edray where he passed the remainder of his life, dying in 1866 and his wife in 1872, both at an advanced age.

They were the parents of 14 children:
Alexander Barlow
  John Barlow went to Ohio
  William Barlow went to Ohio
  James Barlow died in youth
  George Barlow died in youth
  Andrew Barlow died in youth
4. Nathan Barlow
5. Josiah Barlow
6. Henry Barlow
7. Amos Barlow
8. Elizabeth Barlow
9. Miriam Barlow
10. Mary Ann Barlow
11. Ellen Barlow
  Third Generation
3. Alexander Barlow married Mary 'Polly' Dilley, and their children were:
  Andrew Barlow married a Russell of Randolph
  Wesley Barlow married Maggie Moore of Marlin Mountian
  Josiah Barlow married the widow of Captain William Cochran
  Henry Barlow married Malinda Moor of Marlin Mountain
  Elizabeth Barlow married W.W. Sharp of Beaver Creek
  Eliza Barlow married a Bender from Webster County
  Susan Barlow married a Bender from Webster County
  Mitchell Barlow married a Bender from Webster County
  Estelline Barlow never married
4. Nathan G. Barlow first married Jeanette Allen, and the children of this marriage were:
  George Barlow went west
  Pleasant Barlow went west
  Demarius Barlow married Brown Galford
  Darlie Barlow married George S. Taylor
  Dora Barlow married Robert L. Malcolm
  There were probably 12 children who died of diptheria during the Civil War scourge

Nathan's second wife was Susan Beverage and their children were:
  Willie Barlow died in youth
  Peter Barlow
  Curry Barlow
  Allie Barlow
5. Josiah Barlow married Sarah Jane Hannah, and their children were:
  Martha Barlow married Howard Hill
  Mary Barlow married Amos Gay
  Silas Barlow married Levia Duncan
  It is probable that 5 children died of diptheria during the Civil War
6. Henry Barlow first married a Hickman from Nicholas County and their children were:
  Mary Alice Barlow married George Kenna Gay
11. John Ellet Barlow
  2 other children of Henry Barlow died in infancy of diptheria.
Amos Barlow was born January 11, 1831 and died November 01, 1908

He married Mary Ann Moore on November 06, 1850. She was the daughter of Isaac Moore and Catherine Gillilan of Edray. Her birthdate is not known, but she died March 19, 1856

Amos married 2nd: Mary Susan Poage on February 22, 1859. Mary Poage was born on May 08, 1843, and died January 16, 191_.   She was the daughter of James Rankin Poage and Elizabeth Harper
Amos Barlow as published in the History of Pocahontas Co West Virginia   >>> Click thumbnail to enlarge
  Children of Amos Barlow and Mary Moore are:
  Julia Frances Barlow was born February 12, 1852 and died September 05, 1861
12. Melvina Agnes Barlow
  Children of Amos Barlow and Mary Poage are:
  Letcher D. Barlow was born June 20, 1860, and died November 20, 1885.
He married Bertie Arbogast of Green Bank on December 20, 1882.
13. Lucy Bell Barlow
14. William Howard Barlow
15. Samuel Isaac Barlow
  Frank Pruyn Barlow was born on March 6, 1880 and died of typhoid fever July 14, 1895
16. Mary Susan Barlow
8. Elizabeth Barlow married William Baxter and their children were:
  Martha Jane Baxter
  Miriam Baxter
  John Baxter
  George Baxter
  Mary Ann Baxter
  Andrew Baxter
  William Henry Baxter
  Margaret Elizabeth Baxter
  Samuel Clark Baxter
9. Miriam Barlow was the first wife of Samuel Auldridge and their children were:
  John Auldridge who was killed in battle during the Civil War
  William Auldridge married Effie Pennell
  Mary Ann Auldridge died in youth
Mary Ann Barlow was the first wife of James Auldridge and lived on the Clover Lick road about 4 miles east of Edray.

They had five children / 4 named here:
  Henry Auldridge
  Miriam Auldridge
  Elizabeth Moffett Auldridge
  George Amos Clark Auldridge
  The mother and her first 4 children died of diptheria during the Civil War scourge
  Fourth Generation
John Ellet Barlow married Morella M.M. Smith.   His second wife was Mrs. Nancy "Cassell" Shinnaberry

Children of John and Nancy are:
  Neal Barlow married Frances Sharp of the Fairview section
  William Barlow
  Anderson Barlow married Ella Silva of Mill Point
  Regina Ruth Barlow married James N. White
  Davis Levi Barlow first married Lulu E. Moore, and after her death, a Huntington lady
  Page Dameron Barlow married a Baltimore lady while attending medical college
  Asa Clark Barlow married Effie Moore
  Effie Florence Barlow married Joel Peck
  Albert Barlow died in youth
Melvina Agnes Barlow was born on June 20, 1855 and died August 03, 1875

She married Samuel B. Loury on March 31, 1874.

One child was born to this marriage:
  Lilly May Agnes Loury, born February 20, 1875
13. Lucy Bell Barlow was born on May 06, 1868, and died September 06, 1904 in Staunton Virginia

She married C. Rice Moore on March 06, 1890.

They had children:
  Clarence Barlow Moore
  Verna May Moore
  Mary Maude Moore
  Clifford Moore
  Howard Moore
  Elizabeth Keene Moore
William Howard Barlow was born on March 17, 1875, and died on September 11, 1957.

He married Anna Mary Patterson on June 25, 1903. She was the daughter of daughter of Dr. S. Pruyn and Elizabeth Campbell

One child was born to this couple:
  Helen Pruyn Barlow
15. Samuel Isaac Barlow was born on April 07, 1877, and died February 07, 1960.

He married Lou/Lula Moore of Browns Creek and on November 29, 1899.

They had children:
  Mary Madeline Barlow who was born on September 25, 1901 and died on April 12, 1979
  Myrtle Lula Barlow who was born on February 07, 1906, and died on December 02, 1974.
  Samuel married 2nd to Mabel Wagner of Huntersville on June 11, 1907. She died on March 08, 1933.

Samuel and Mabel had children:
  Nellie Barlow
  Louise Barlow
  Frank Maynard Barlow
  Lucille Barlow
  Jaunita Barlow
  Evelyn Barlow
  Samuel married 3rd to Mabel Gum around 1935.     Samuel and Mable had one child:
  Richard Issac Barlow only lived about 3 months
Mary Susan Barlow was born on July 9, 1883 and died January 20, 1959.
She married Harry Pruyn Patterson on October 11, 1899.
They lived for awhile in Huntersville, and then moved to Monterey, Virginia where they owned and operated a hotel. Later, they moved to Dover, Pennsylvania, and then to York, Pennsylvania.

Mary and Harry had children:
  Mary Janet Patterson
  Richard Pruyn Patterson
  Margaret Elizabeth Patterson
  Virginia Barlow Patterson
  Howard Barlow Patterson died in youth
George Baxter birthdate unknown, died April 05, 1908.

He married first, Sarah Ann Poage on January 04, 1866. Sarah was the daughter of James Rankin Poage and Elizabeth Harper of Edray. Her birthdate is unknown, she died April 06, 1881.

George married second Margaret Jane Cassell February 16, 1883.

Children of George and Susan are:
John Willis Baxter married Margie Campbell Patterson, daughter of Dr. S. Pruyn Patterson of Huntersville, and they had 2 children:  Warren Willis Baxter who lived about 2 1/2 months, and Gordon Campbell Baxter
  Birdie May Elizabeth Baxter married A. H. Slear of Pennsylvania
  Adam Oscar Baxter married Lena Moore of Edray
  Allie Frances Baxter married James H. Patterson
  Georgia Ann May Baxter married Ernest F. Harper
  James William Ellis Baxter died unmarried
  Children of George and Margaret are:
  Eliza Myrtle Baxter
  Bessie Regina Baxter
  Frank Cassell Baxter
  Eula Mabel Baxter
  Edith Baxter
  George Harry Baxter
  James Rankin Poage was born in 1812 and died in 1894.

He married Elizabeth Harper on June 29, 1838. Elizabeth was born in 1816 and died in 1887.

They had children: Mary Susan Poage and Sarah Ann Poage
Note from Pat:
Great Aunt Anna, Great Uncle Howard and Helen have a very special place in my heart and memories. Their home was in Huntersville and as a child I spent many lovely days there with my parents. After Uncle Howard's death, Aunt Anna and Helen moved to Marlinton. The home has been restored and is now the Carriage House Inn.

Helen was an only child and never married. She was the keeper of a vast assortment of Barlow artifacts, especially pictures. There wa s a family Bible with old Barlow death notices that was in the possession of my aunt - Helen's cousin- which she told me she sold at a garage sale. When I inquired about the photos, etc. she said they were not there. Helen's death was a very sad experience for me as my aunt scooped up all and I have no idea where it went - my guess would be she sold it. My aunt is also deceased.

My paternal grandmother was a Barlow and my lineage is comprised of Brown, Campbell, Pruyne, Patterson and Poag(u)e in addition to Barlow.

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