Barlow Family Farmstead

Woodbridge Avenue      Highland Park, New Jersey

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Barlow Homestead

Barlow Homestead
From the Collection of Juanita Barlow Messer

Copy print   Highland Park Historical Society
Used by permission

           Photo taken c 1891

    Key to family:

    1. Joseph Orr Barlow
    2. Hester Barlow
    3. Annie Barlow
    4. William Embly Barlow
    5. Rose Ann Craig Barlow
    6. Jeannie Collins Barlow
    7. Sam Barlow
    8. Joseph Harrison Barlow


Juanita Barlow Messer is the daughter of Joseph Harrison Barlow (8) and Ethel Hardy, her grandparents were Jeannie Collins (6) and William John Craig Barlow, her great-grandparents were Rose Ann Craig (5) and Joseph Craig Barlow.

Joseph Orr (1) and Hester (2) were the children of Annie (3) and Isaac Craig Barlow. Hester married Clarence Julick.

Joseph Harrison (8), Sam (7) and William Embly (4) were the children of Jeannie Collins (6) and William John Craig Barlow.

Joseph Harrison (8) owned Barlow's Drug Store on Raritan Avenue.

William Embly (4) married Lillian Stout                                 >>>>>> William>>>>>

William Embly Barlow
Barlow Drugstore

Barlow Drug Store, 401 Rariton Ave     Highland Park New Jersey

Joseph H. Barlow   Special to the New York Times.   Highland Park, N.J.,   Aug 03, 1956     - Copy of original -

Joseph H. Barlow, a druggist jere for thirty-nine years, died last night in his home at 240 Magnolia Street.  He was 72 years old. 

Mr. Barlow was one of five founders of the First National Bank of Highland Park and served as director for more than twenty-five years.  He was a member of the Board of Education and was apponted to the borough's first Shade Tree Commission.

Surviving are his widow, Ethel, and two daughters, Mrs. Ira L. Messer and Mrs. Philip K. Wagner, all of this borough.

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