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Found in Livingston Co Missouri History:   (SBH)

In 1863 Captain Barnes’ Company of Militia was stationed in Springhill. It was called Fort Lumpkin. Lieuts. Gibbs and Hargrave were in command. Lieutenant Hargarve was wounded in a skirmish, losing his right arm. John Stewart, the leading merchant and trader of Springhill, was shot and killed by a woman, Mrs. Barlow, who had been paid to kill him.

The only Barlow in Livingston Co Missouri in 1860 was Joseph Barlow, age 26 of Kentucky, and his wife, Annie, age 25, of Missouri, and their children:  Lelia, Mary, and Lizzie. 

Gloria 'Birlew' Hursey      August 2001

Our line went with the spelling of BIRLEW.

Jane (?) Balew was in the 1830 Knox Co Tennessee census. She was my gr3grandmother. Mr. Balew was deceased by this census.

Jane married a 2nd time, 1831, in Knox Co Tennessee to William Everett. After Jane and William Everett married they moved to Marion Co Tennessee.

The first child I know of for Jane and Mr. Balew as my gr2grandfather, John Balew/Birlew born about 1810 in North Carolina. In 1838 he married Milbrey Robinson in Smith Co Tennessee. They moved to Christian Co Kentucky about 1848 where they are found in the 1850 census, and the mother, Jane (?) Balew-Everett is living with them. She was born 1790 in Kentucky. In 1853 they moved to Missouri, and Jane (?) Balew-Everett went with them.

Can anyone identify with this Barlow-Birlew family?

Ed Schulenberg    Nebraska, February 2000

The following is what I know about Francis H. Barlow, my ggrandfather:

He was born in Bourbon Co Kentucky, married Jeanette Gordon "Jenny" born April 29, 1866 in Elgin, Scotland. I don't know where or when they were married, but the family was in Jackson Co Missouri by 1894 when my grandmother, Margaret was born, September 25, 1894 (Jeanette died May 24, 1942 in Independence Missouri).

They had three other children, Francis, born 1900; Gordon, born 1903; and Ethel. For some reason I haven't found additional information on Francis H. He is not buried with his wife.

Angie Anthony    August 1999

Elizabeth Barlow was born in Indiana according to the 1870 Platte Co Missouri census.   She married James McHenry - also of Indiana -
Children:   James Barlow b 02 December 1865 Missouri     William Barlow b 1869 in Missouri   Alice Barlow    Cleora Barlow    George Barlow

Their first son James was my ggrandfather.   He married Elizabeth 'Betty' Ballinger, b 10 May 1869.
John Tyson McHenry, b 25 September 1891     Clella Maude McHenry, b 12 April 1893 - my grandmother     Beatrice McHenry, b May 1896.

Betty died shortly after Beatrice was born, leaving James with 3 little ones. He died 05 January 1897 - my aunt says he died of a broken heart. They died so young which is why I assume why none of the family stories came down to my mom or my aunts. James' children were divided up and raised, 1 by Cleora and her husband Mr. Ballenger and the 2 others by George and his wife. Maybe they didn't want to talk family history to the children because of their tragic loss, I don't know. I just know I am stumped by both Elizabeth Barlow and James McHenry!

Hallie Garner and Lisa Schaffer      July 1999

I am trying to find more information on John Barlow who came from North Carolina (or sometimes said VA) to Hardin Co Tennessee by 1850. His age is given as age 65 in both 1850 and 1860. He does not appear in 1870 that I can determine.
He and a woman named Elvira, (assumed to be wife, age also varies) have children (or probably some are grandchildren--relationships are not stated until 1880 census)

Nancy born c1828 Tennessee   Charles P. born c1838 Tennessee   Martha A. born c1840 Tennessee   John S. born c1843   Jasper N. born c1844
Willy H. born 1847    Elvira born 1849    Elizabeth J. born c1849    Frances M. born 1851    William W. born 1860

Osburns live nearby with Barlows living with them...possibly Elvira is an Osburn. Also Greens and Campbells from NC live nearby... thus making me think they would have come from the mountainous area of NC, possibly from the Wilkes Co Barlow's. However, the common name of John and the varying ages both he and Elvira reports have created problems! Son Charles P. married Eliza Barlow in 1858 in Lawrence Co. Tennessee and he served in CO. D 19th TN Cav pension applied for as both he and spouse died too early--he died in 1874 in Hardin Co. They apparently only had two children, Elvira and John Wesley, who married Sara Hughling/Huling and she died in Dyer Co Tennessee.

John Wesley eventually ended up in Dunklin Co Missouri with second wife.

Any connections to this family that might help unravel the John Barlow with wife Elvira mystery will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Oldfield Jr.

I have a cousin (Lola OLDFIELD born possibly in Breckinridge, Caldwell Co Missouri - daughter of Joel OLDFIELD) who married an Arthur (or Albert) Barlow who was born in that area of Missouri, I believe. It would have been in the early 1900's or possibly late 1890's. I believe he died in or near Cameron, Clinton Co Missouri.
And thank you for your help!

Linda Reinauer

I am looking for the family of Samuel Nye BARLOW and wife Ann Coats. I am descended from their son George born 27 March 1830 in St. Louis, and died 03 February 1891 in Louisiana.   Need any/all information about Samuel and Ann as well as their parents and other children. Thanks

Robert Barlow     Vine Grove Kentucky

My father's name was Frank Ora Barlow from Oklahoma. My Grandfather's name was Ora Franklin Barlow from Carthage Missouri. My Great Grandfather's name was John William Barlow from around Carthage Missouri. My Great Great Grandfather's name was Ambrose Barlow from Carthage Missouri.   I believe we are from England and want to trace my family.
If you have information that will help please contact me. Thank you so much.


Walter Clyde Barlow.... with family ties to Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky

My granddad's name was Walter Clyde Barlow. He drifted into northeast Missouri about 1919. He was called Billy, he says because when he was little he was "called Little Billy because tagged along after Big Billy," so we assumed his father was William. When my oldest sister was named Julia, he said that was his mother's name. He said he had people "around Peoria" Illinois.

His kids knew he had been in jail when they were little, after years of searching my mother got record from IOWA!!! where he spent 3 years in prison (long family story about how he was framed by his wife's father and brother to break up the marriage) and that has some information he reported to them at the time (about 1928, I believe)

He was born January 1884, Sedalia, Missouri, his mother born in Indiana, died about 1920, father born Kentucky, died about 1900. Someone sent me census information for the family of Joshua and Julia Barlow, youngest child is Walter C. born 1887 Missouri, older son William, Joshua born Kentucky, died after 1900, Julia born Indiana, died 1928 (however, granddad left the family about 1919 and had no further contact with them, so to him she may have "died" then). Joshua and Julia lived in Peoria area most of married life. I strongly suspect these are my family. I've hunted a little bit and found some on the children, marriage, moves, etc., and Walter is never mentioned after 1900 census, as if he separated from the family, as my granddad did.

My dad and his sisters can't recall him ever mentioning any names of family members, but they were small when family broke up (one aunt not even born yet), and later didn't have much to do with him as adults, except my dad took him in for while before Walter died, but dad was working and Mom couldn't get much out of him, just what I mentioned.

He had dark complexion, and dark, kinky hair, and nose became more much more prominent with age, same for all the kids (we call it "that Barlow nose" as it's in our generation also).

Thanks for any help.

Can anyone identify the family of George Barlow?

THE FIRST DAYS OF KIDDER  Caldwell Co Missouri      Narrator: Miss Nannie Beaumont of Kidder, Missouri

Robert Ogden, father of the narrator, lived in Ontario County, N.Y. He decided to make a western trip in 1871 to prospect. He went to Illinois and Michigan where he had relatives and then to Hamilton, Missouri, where his relatives Dr. Robert Brown and Mrs. George Barlow lived. He was delighted as he watched Brown plough all day long and not hit a stone (plenty of stones in N.Y.) and here was plenty of grass for cattle on the open prairie. He straightway hunted up a town house for sale. He bought the property of R.B. Houston, banker, for $3,000.00. There were six lots and a two story house. This stayed Ogden property till December 1910 when Miss Ogden sold it.

The Parr and Whitman homes now stand on the land. This half block was originally part of the A.G. Davis holdings. She says that he once had a great pile of rocks there intending to build a store; and in 1867 when the agitation arose to move the courthouse from Kingston to Hamilton a foundation for the courthouse was actually built there. She recalls that when her father built an addition to his home, he used the rocks of the so-called courthouse foundation.

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