Robert Mahaffey and Catherine McFerrin
  Robert Mahaffey was born 06 February 1813 or 1815 in Montgomery Co Georgia, and died December 31, 1866 in Mississippi, 
  burial in Harrisville Cemetery, Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi.

  He married Catherine McFerrin, in Simpson Co, daughter of William McFerrin and Margaret Weems.
  She was born  May 05, 1821 in Wayne Co Mississippi, and died August 07, 1880 in Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi, 
  burial in Harrisville Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi.

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  1840 Citizens of Texas Land Grants by Gifford White
    -- listed with brothers Amos, Ashley, and Oliver --

  Robert Mahaffey  arrived  Texas Dec 1839 / Class 3 
  Grant of 640 acres in Jasper Co Texas/not patented

  1840 Texas Tax Rolls Jasper Co
  Robert  1 poll tax / 2 slaves

            1850 Simpson Co Mississippi
            p. 310  #338/338  Farmer   $1000
Census Image
Robert Mahaffey 31 Ga
Catharine Mahaffey 28 Ms
William Mahaffey 14 Ms
Catharine Mahaffey 10 Ms
George Mahaffey  7 Ms
John Mahaffey  5 Ms
Martha Mahaffey  3 Ms
Albert Mahaffey 6/12 Ms

Slave Schedule for 1850

           1860 Simpson Co Mississippi
            p. 147  #73/73  Farmer  $1000 / 2000
Census Image
Robert Mahaffie 45 Ms
Catherine Mahaffie 35 Ms
George W. Mahaffie 17 Ms
John J. Mahaffie 15 Ms
Albert Mahaffie 11 Ms
Mary M. Mahaffie  2 Ms

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Children of Robert Mahaffey and Catherine McFerrin are:
1.  William A. Mahaffey born January 29, 1836 in Mississippi, and died November 04, 1912 in Texas.

     He married Sophronia Guynes, daughter of John Guynes and Susan Mullican.
     She was born March 20, 1840 in Mississippi, and died August 11, 1898 in Texas.

  He is living next to his uncle, Amos Mahaffey in the 1860 Tyler Texas census
  He is shown to be aged 24, born in Mississippi, wife, S. Mahaffey, age 20, born in
  Mississippi, and children:  J. Mahaffey, son, born in Mississippi, and G. Mahaffey, 
  son, age 1, born in Texas.
        1870  Tyler Co Texas, Woodville, page 379
        Enumerated  24 June 1870 by John McBride
        #150 / 150    Farmer  $600/500
Census Image
Wm. A. Mahaffey 34 Ms
Sophronia Mahaffey 29 Ms
Jno R. Mahaffey 13 Ms
Geo. W. Mahaffey 10 Tx
Wm. E. Mahaffey  8 Tx
Henry E. Mahaffey  6 Tx
Susan S. Mahaffey  5 Tx
Laura R. Mahaffey  1 Tx
Robert Mahaffey 21 Tx

        1880 Tyler Co Texas, ED 105   page 385 
        #109-110   Farmer
Census Image
Wm A. Mahaffey 46 Ms
Sophronia Mahaffey 41 Ms
John R. Mahaffey 22 Ms
Geo. W. Mahaffey 20 Tx
Williametta Mahaffey 17 Tx
Elizabeth Mahaffey 15  Tx
Susan S. Mahaffey 12 Tx
Laura Mahaffey 11 Tx
Emma Mahaffey 10 Tx
Frances Mahaffey  7 Tx
Amos Mahaffey  5 Tx
Elbert Mahaffey  1 Tx
                                                  Children of  William Mahaffey and Sophrinia Guynes are:
i. John R. Mahaffey, born c1857 in Mississippi
ii. George W. Mahaffey, born c1860 in Texas
iii. William E. Mahaffey born c1862 in Texas
iv. Willimetta Mahaffey, born c1863 in Texas
v. Henry E. Mahaffey, born c1864 in Texas
vi. Elizabeth Mahaffey, born c1865 in Texas
vii. Susan S. Mahaffey, born c1865-67 in Texas
viii. Laura R. Mahaffey, born c1869 in Texas
ix. Emma Mahaffey, born c1870 in Texas
x. Frances Mahaffey, born c1873 in Texas
xi. Amos Mahaffey, born c1875 in Texas
xii. Elbert Mahaffey, born c1879 in Texas
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2.  H. Catherine Mahaffey born July 31, 1838 in Mississippi, and died March 07, 1910 in Mississippi, burial in Harrisville 
     Cemetery, Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi.

     She married John Wesley Barlow in 1854, Simpson Co Mississippi.  The son of George Washington Barlow and Flora Ann 
     Byrd, he was born  February 06, 1834 in Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died July 16, 1910 in Simpson Co, burial 
     in Harrisville Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

This family is outlined at:  Descendants of John Wesley Barlow

Lots of family photos and information included

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3. George W. Mahaffey born c1843 Mississippi
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4.  John J. Mahaffey born 19 January 1844 in Mississippi, and died 15 January 1924 in Mississippi, burial in Harrisville 
     Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

     He married Matilda Guynes, daughter of John Guynes and Susan Mullican. 
     She was born 12 June 1851 in Mississippi, and died 08 December 1924 in Mississippi, burial in Harrisville Cemetery, 
     Simpson Co Mississippi.

Photograph of John J. and Matilda Guynes Mahaffey

        1870 Simpson Co Mississippi
        #145-145    $1500 / 800
Census Image
John J. Mahaffy 26 Ms
Matilda Mahaffy 19 Ms
Martha Mahaffy 1/12 Feb Ms
Sarah Williams 18 keeping house
living next to Brew, Wm., and Joseph Grantham
        1880 Simpson Co Mississippi  ED 5
         #66 / 72    Farmer
Census Image
John J. Mahaffey 35 Ms
Mollie? Mahaffey 27 Ms
Mary Mahaffy  9  Ms
Alley Mahaffey  7 Ms
Deffie Mahaffey  5 Ms
                  Children of John Mahaffey and Matilda Guynes are:
i. Martha / Mary, born February 1870, Simpson Co Mississippi
ii.  Alley Mahaffey, born c 1872, Simpson Co Mississippi
iii.  Diptha Mahaffey, born 07 March 1875 in Mississippi, and died 19 August 1956,
burial in Braxton Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

She  married  Wiley Green Barlow, on 11 July 1902 in Simpson Co Mississippi. 
He was the son of   Nathaniel Green Barlow  &  Laurinda Priscilla Guynes
born  11 April 1870 in  Simpson Co Mississippi, and  died c1942 in Simpson Co Mississippi, burial in Braxton Cemetery, Simpson Co Mississippi

This family outlined in more detail



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5.  Martha Mahaffey b. c1847 Mississippi
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6.  Albert B. Mahaffey b. 1849 in Mississippi and died in 1934. 

           He married 1.)  Luvenia Touchstone  She was born in 1854, and died in 1890. 

           He married 2.)  Sarah E. Kelly on 31 December 1890 in Simpson Co Mississippi.
           She was born Janaury 05, 1885, and died June 21, 1937. 

Albert and both of his wives are buried at Harrisville Cemetery, Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi

     Tombstone Inscription:  Mahaffey A.B.   Harper's Regt. CSA 
      1870 Simpson Co Mississippi
      pg 164   #128 / 128   Farmer  $100 / 300
Census Image
Albert Mahaffey 21 Ms
Lucinda/ probably Luvenia 16 Ms
Emily Mahaffey 18 Ms
Catherine Mahaffey 40 Ms
     1880 Simpson Co Mississippi   pg 22
Census Image
Albert Mahaffey 31 Ms
Luvenia Mahaffey 25 Ms
Alice Mahaffey  2 Ms
Carry Mahaffey  1 Ms
Catherine Mahaffey 51 Ms
Robert having passed away in 1866, Catherine is living with her son, 
though it appears she has trimmed about 10 years off of her age.
                                                              Children of Albert Mahaffey &  Luvenia Touchstone are:
i.  Alice Mahaffey, born c1878
ii.  Carry Mahaffey, born c1879
*Keith Davis tells us 5 children were born to this couple, the only ones I have are those from the 1880 census*
                  Children of Albert Mahaffey and Sarah are:
vi. Anslem Jackson Mahaffey, born 15 October 1891, and died 14 November 1932. 
He married Mary Eugenyer Matthews, daughter of Homer Luther Matthews & Sally Ann Barron

Family of Danny A. Mahaffey, Pontotoc Mississippi, from internet message board

Child of  Anslem & Mary is:  Aubrey Cleon b 21 December 1920 & died 14 February 1987*

vii. Pamelyer Mahaffey
viii.  John J. Mahaffey
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  8.   Emma / Emily Mahaffey, born c 1852.

       She married Freeman W. Touchstone on 12 December 1878 in Simpson Co Mississippi
       Freeman is the son of Green Powell Touchstone, & Cyrena Hall, I find him aged 18 years in the 1870 census of Simpson
       Co Mississippi, where he is living with his parents, so his birth year would be c1852.

       One researcher shows that Freeman had married to Frances Gates on 13 January 1876, prior to marrying Emily. 
   An 1870 Simpson Co census  shows an Emily Mahaffey,  aged 18, is living with Albert.
  However, she is not in the 1860 census.  Kevin Davis, whom I have never met, but who is said to be
  very thorough in  his genealogical research states that she was the daughter of Robert & Catherine, 
  and so I will accept that.  I wonder if she might be the same as Martha.
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  Emily and Freeman moved to  Louisiana,  according to Kevin Davis, and had several children, but I 
  have not as yet located them on any of my records
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7.  Mary M. Mahaffey, born c 1858

Descendants of William and Mary Mahaffey

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