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Joseph Edgar Barlow and Velma Burkett

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Joseph Edgar 'Ed' Barlow, son of Wiley Green Barlow and Elizabeth Sandifer, was born December 20, 1887 in Hopewell, Copiah Co Mississippi, and died February 25, 1970 from diabetes in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas.

He married Velma Burkett on July 18, 1909 in Copiah Co Mississippi. The daughter of James Hueston Burkett and Lou Ella 'Ellen' Allen, he was born December 12, 1893 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 04, 1975 in Houston, Harris Co Texas, burial in Brookside Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co Mississippi. Velma and Ed were divorced sometime before 1922, at which time Velma married Byron Kirk.
Ed raised their five children alone.

Graydon Allen writes in a letter to Ralph Emerson Barlow:

My father, Tom Allen, was witness to the marriage of Ed and Velma, and he remembers, they were sitting in a buggy and Hugh Catchings had to tell Ed, "Take off your hat Ed", before he would start the ceremony.

Precinct 8, Matagorda Co Texas   18-19 April 1910   pg 137   #9/9
Married 1 years, 0 children
Edd Barlow Head 22
Valma Barlow Wife 17

Precinct 2, Jackson Co Texas    12 March 1920    pg 194    FM 10/10

Edward Barlow Head 31 MS MS MS
Velma Barlow Wife 27 MS MS MS
Inez Barlow Daughter  9 TX MS MS
Charlie Barlow Son  4 TX MS MS
James Barlow Son 1yr 10 mo Tx MS MS

Precinct 4, Matagorda Co Texas    27 April 1930    pg 134    #87/88

Edd Barlow / divorced Head 45
Charles Barlow Son 14
James Barlow Son 11
Katherine Barlow Daughter  9
Ralph Barlow Son  7
Children of Ed and Velma are:
Ruby Inez Barlow, born September 28, 1910 in Simpsonville, Matagorda Co Texas.
She married Frank David Millard December 30, 1929 in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas.      They are living next door to her father in 1930.
Inez helped to raise her brothers, and sister, but never had children of her own.

Note:  I found Inez while researching at the LDS, where her brother, Ralph Emerson Barlow, who was of the Morman faith, had entered into the records some of the Barlow family. I found his address and managed to locate her, but found that Ralph had died only a short time before that.
Lora Beth, my cousin, and author of the book, 'Barlow Kinfolk', and I went to meet Inez in the summer of 1997 and she gave to me all of Ralph's genealogical research. 

At age 87, the oldest, and only living child of Joseph and Velma, she is was still a spry and energetic person. Since that time, she has fallen, breaking a hip, and has placed herself into a nursing home.
Frank David Millard was a stepson and grandson of Lou Ella Allen, who is also the grandmother to Inez.
2.  Charles Delbert Barlow, born December 12, 1914 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died July 1976, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas
3.  James Edgar 'Snooks' Barlow, born April 15, 1918 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died November 20, 1981 in Texas, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas
4.  Mary Kathryn 'Mamie' Barlow, born May 25, 1920 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died November 02, 1987 in Houston, Harris Co Texas, burial in Brookside Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co Texas.
5.  Ralph Emerson Barlow, born October 04, 1922 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died January 26, 1995 in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas.
2.  Charles Delbert5 Barlow was born December 12, 1914 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died July 1976, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas

He married Lois Ann Herreth November 15, 1937 in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas
Children of Charles and Lois are:
Joel Barlow, apparently died young
Mailyn Ann Barlow married Mr. Brown
3.  James Edgar 'Snooks' Barlow was born April 15, 1918 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died November 20, 1981 in Texas, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas

He married Margie Holiday Jones October 24, 1947
Children of James and Margie are:
James Henry6 Barlow  Found in Texas Vital Records:   James Henry Barlow was apparently fathered by Sylvester Henry Holladay, and then adopted by James Edgar Barlow
Katherine Marie Barlow
4.  Mary Kathryn 'Mamie' Barlow was born May 25, 1920 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died November 02, 1987 in Houston, Harris Co Texas, burial in Brookside Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co Texas

She married 1) Johnny Lafayette Mason July 04, 1939     She married 2) Jim B. Hester
Children of Mamie and Johnny are:
Leroy Mason
Brenda La Vonne Mason, born February 19, 1943, and died February 07, 1993 in Houston, Harris Co Texas, burial in Brookside Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co Texas
She married Mr. Powers
Sharon Yvonne Mason, twin to Brenda, living, details witheld.
Ralph Emerson5 Barlow (Joseph4, Wiley3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born October 04, 1922 in Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas, and died January 26, 1995 in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas, burial in Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas

He married 1) Bernice Terry June 06, 1956 - divorced September 24, 1957

He married 2) Merle Frances Longwood Teat August 13, 1959

He married 3) Loretta Alice Jahn March 25, 1966 in Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas, daughter of William Jahn and Martha Schindler.  They were divorced in 1980
Ralph Emerson Barlow:
Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University in Teacher Education
Served in WWII October 10, 1940 to August 26, 1945 as Captain in the Air Force
Political Affiliation- Independent-usually vote Republican
Church Affiliation- LDS 2nd Counselor in Bishopric - High Priest Group Leader where he also taught a genealogy class
Favorite recreation - Genealogy 
Children of Ralph and Loretta are:
Jahn Joseph 'Burkett' Barlow 
Elizabeth 'Bretta' Ann Barlow married Mr. Green 
Autobiography of Ralph Emerson Barlow:

My mother and father were divorced when I was two years old. My father took us five children and raised us.  We lived in El Maton, Texas, about 10 miles from Bay City. I started to school at the age of 4 because my father couldn't  take me to the cotton patch with him, and the rest of the children were already in school. I was the youngest of five children. I made C's in the third grade, and the teachers held me back because she felt I was too young. When I was 11 years old, we moved to the Pierce Estate, 'Beadle' Ranch, 5 miles south of Buckeye, and I rode the bus two years to Markham Elementary School, 10 miles to school, and 10 miles home. I then went to stay with my oldest sister, Inez Millard in Blessing to finish school. She was always like a mother to me. Kathryn was staying with Inez and Frank also. The year Kathryn was a senior, (1938) Inez got real sick, we almost lost her, she was pregnant of the ovaries. They were twins, but could not be saved.  She went to Dr. Weishammer, "Old Butch", who was very quick with the knife, but an excellant surgeon. He saved sisters life, and had already saved Snook's life when he had a ruptured appendix for several days before we got him to El Campo. In later years, Old Butch got Charles appendix and my tonsils and appendix at the same time because he said, I was a big strong boy in 1949.

Back to high school, I thoroughly enjoyed school and excelled in many things. I was the top student in my freshman and sophmore classes, no. 2 in junior, and no. 3 in senior, but top boy. I was president of the junior and senior class. I spoke declamation and was 1rst in county in my junior and senior class year. Joyce Richardson (boy) and I won county tennis doubles in 1940. We won 3rd in county meet in softball and our always tough basketball team at Blessing High was 2nd to Markham but ahead of Bay City and Palacious which were much bigger schools. My biggest prize in high school was winning the American Legion School Award for the most outstanding student at Blessing High School.

In the summer, I would go back to the ranch and spend the summers. I would cook, iron and keep house for Daddy, Snooks and Charles, and was very lonesome and scared to be alone at some of the times. (sic) Alfred Malick and I were close friends and we decided to join the service when we graduated from high school. Fritz, (Alfred) was older and joined immediately and went to the Air Force. When I was able to join on October 04, 1940, 18 years old, the Air Force was filled up. I joined the Signal Corps in Houston, Texas and was sent to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. Fritz and I saw each other often, and I was assigned to the reception center at Ft. Sam Houston permanently. We knew that war was inevitable. After 11 months at Ft. Sam, my transfer to the Air Force came thru, and I was sent to Ellington Field at Houston, Texas. I saw Kathryn and Mother frequently. In fact, I was at Kathryn's home when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor December 07, 1941. I was soon sent to open the training base at Midland AAF Base, midway between Odessa and Midland, Texas. I stayed there about a year and was transferred to Sikeston Army Air Base in Sikeston, Missouri where they trained cadets to fly also. I stayed at Sikeston about 10 months and got a direct appointment to the Air Force Officer Candidate School, Miami Beach, Florida........   Note from Susan:  Apparently, the rest is lost. I did not have a continuing page.   And just as it was getting really interesting!
See also:    Dedication to Ralph Barlow, by Susan BARLOW Holmes

More of interest on Ralph Emerson Barlow

Name: Ralph Emerson Barlow

Father's name: Joseph Edgar Barlow     Mother's maiden name: Velma Burkett

Born: 04 October 1922     Where born: Blessing, Matagorda Co Texas

When baptized: 01 May 1964     Where baptized: Underwood's Swimming Pool, Bay City Texas
Baptized by: Dr. Joseph Nathaniel Cannon, Jr. PLD --later Branch President, later Bishop--

When confirmed: 01 May 1964     By whom: Richard H. Stahle, Elder
By whom:  Richard H. Stahle Date:  07 June 1974
By whom:  Harold Lawrence Date:  August 16, 1964
By whom:  Rex S. Harson Date:  18 July 1965
By whom:  Marion Duff Hanks Date:  06 May 1967
High Priest
By whom:  Allen F. Larsen Date:  04 January 1970
Married to: Loretta Alice Jahn 25 March 1966
Where married: Cannon's Residence, by Bishop Joe N. Cannon, Jr.  
Where endowed: Arizona Temple 15 July 1866
Where sealed: Arizona Temple 15 July 1966
Patriarchal blessing by: Harold E. Bronson 19 May 1965
Departed for mission to: Houston Stake Mission 14 November 1965
When returned: Released December 1968  
Special appointments: Chairman of Building Committee, Bay City Texas Branch, 1st Phase
One of seven Presidents of Seventies, West Utah Stakes, Richard L. Evans

When died: January 26, 1995
When died: Bay City, Matagorda Co Texas
Where buried: Hawley Cemetery, Matagorda Co Texas
3632 N. 22nd Street
Waco Texas 76708
Telephone (817) 752 7883
Married: Wife, Loretta
Son: Burkett, age 6
Daughter: Bretta, age 4
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 230
Health: Excellent
Occupation Objective To become a member of a professional staff of an institution that is people oriented.
To be able to utilize my varied background and experience to further the opportunities of those people around me that I can help.
Education Blessing High School, Blessing, Matagorda Co;, Texas Commercial
Graduated May, 1940 (Incl. Bookkeeping).

Air Force Officers Candidate School, Miami Beach, Florida
Administration--Commissioned May 1943.

The University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Business Administration and Education
Completed 103 hours from 1945 to 1952.
Including 20 hours of Business--(13 hours. upper division)
Accounting 4 hrs.; Marketing & Economics 19 hrs.;
Psychology & Social Studies 37 hrs.; Math 12 hrs.

Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho
Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education
Was graduated in August, 1971
(Last 50 hours--GPA 3.5 out of 4.0. I did my practice teaching in secondary education (Individualized a Jr. and Sr. Economics class) & attached an internship in elementary edu- cation to this. I have a professional life time teaching certificate for the State of Texas from grades 1 thru 12.

Boise State College, Boise, Idaho
6 graduate hours in a math workshop GPA 4.0 out of 4.0

Idaho State Technical School, Pocatello, Idaho
Basic course in Computer Programming. GPA 4.0 our of 4.0

Instructional Development Institute 1 week course for Individualized Instruction.
Experience Highlights  
December, 1974
to Present
Warren Cook Chemical Company
Monee, Illinois

I am a manufacturer's representative calling on businesses and municipalites selling chemicals to treat water, waste water and oil refineries. The reason I am considering leaving this company is that I have difficulty in getting my money.
May 20, 1974
December 31, 1974
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Washington D.C.

I was a salesman calling on all types of businesses. I left because the economy was beginning to get bad, and the chamber was one of the first things that businesses cut out of their budgets. I was on straight commission.
December 15, 1973
May 17, 1974
Evins Personnel
Waco, Texas

I was the manager of the office and counselor for people seeking employment. I left because Mary Evins provised to pay me all of the commissions that I had earned in Austin. She failed to pay me over $1,500. I do not trust these people.
June 1973
December 1973
Evins Personnel
Austin, Texas

I was a counselor for people seeking employment.   I left to take the job as manager of the Waco, Texas office.
August 1972
June 1973
Bay City Independant School District
Bay City, Texas

I was a 5th grade teacher. I completely individualized a self contained classroom of 31 children. I attended a 10 day course in Individualization in Austin, sponsored by Regions III and XII. I also attended an Instructional Development Institute of 40 hours in Bay City. I left the teaching profession because I have a young family, and I did not make enough money for their needs. I also drove a bus for extra money. So I went back to the sales field.
June 1970
May 1972
Snake River School District
Moreland, Idaho

I taught in a pilot project for the State of Idaho teaching all of the innovative methods in a Quad of 5 and 9 year old students. My wife and I both taught in Idaho.   We left Idaho because our son was allergic to the cold and volcanic ash they planted the spuds in.
April 1969
August 1971
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho

I was attending college where I graduated with a BS.
January 1965
March 1969
Barlow's Auto Sales
Bay City, Texas

I sold new and used cars for four years. The last year I had a small business of my own. I sold for Barney's Auto Sales in Bay City which is out of business today. I was underfinanced so I had to close down my small company.
December 1964
January 1965
The Gulf Coast Sentinel
Bay City, Texas

The merchants of Bay City had encouraged me to start my own weekly newspaper. I did so, but they did not support me as they had promised. We sold out to some people from Freeport. The paper is out of business.
March 1959
December 1964
The Daily Tribune
Bay City, Texas

I was Director of Advertising for the Daily Tribune. I sold advertising and I created over 80% of my own ads. I won the Outstanding Advertising Award from the Texas Press Association in 1963.   I left to start a weekly paper of my own.
August 1957
March 1959
Bay City, Texas

I was an independant oil lease man in Matagorda County and the surrounding areas.
June 1952
August 1957
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.
Bay City, Texas (Houston)

I was a life insurance salesman in and around the Bay City area. I was single and did not like the night work at that time. I therefore, felt I owed it to the company for which I worked as well as to my policy holders to leave the field if I did not do all that I could for both of them.
Military Experience  
October 1940
August 1945

I enlisted as a private and was honorably discharged as a Captain. I was the Director of Personnel and Administrative services and the Acting Executive Officer for the Air Force base at New Delhi, India.

Dr. Daniel E. Cripe, D.C.
2325 Sanger Avenue
Waco, Texas
Telephone: 752-5791
John A. Nelson
918 Longfellow
Waco, Texas
FBI Agent
Telephone: 772-4159
Robert B. Clark
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas Coordinator of Continuing Ed and Asst. Professor of Physics
Telephone: (713) 845-7361
Dr. James E. Cowart
1413 Avenue G.
Bay City Texas
Telephone: (713) 245 4821
Travis Ivy
LeRoy, Texas
Instructor at TSTI
Telephone: 822-1436
I have always been a leader since my high school days. During my stint in the service, I learned how to take orders and carry them out. I also learned how to give them and get the most out of my men.

In 1965, during the time I had the auto sales, I constructed a bar out of a 30 X 50 steel building. I dealt with sub- contractor's to do the slab work, erect the steel building, install the plumbing, the electrical installation, including the air conditioning. I hired a carpenter to build the bar, and finish the interior with paneling and suspended tile ceiling. The total bid on the building was around $9500. I made a net profit of $2500. I was bidding against two other contractors.

I was also selected by my Bishop, Dr. Joe N. Cannon, Houston Northwest Medical Center, Houston, Texas, phone office 713 440-1167, home 713 351-0355, to be Chairman of the Building Committee for the LDS Chapel in Bay City. I had to oversee the contractor constantly because he was taking shortcuts and trying to put inferior material in the building and leave out part of the steel and grout in the building.

I feel all of the background will be of great help to me and to your company, plus, I believe in giving an honest days work for and honest days pay.

I do not drink.
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