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News from Katrina

Dear Family,

I know I have let you down in the last few years, in having got away from my own family research, and too much into all the other Barlow families.

I am back to researching our families, and know that many of you are concerned about our kinfolks who were affected by Katrina.  Lora Beth, thank God she is and has always been there for all of you, has been able to keep in contact with most everyone, so most messages have been relayed through her, though, I too, have spent much time trying to locate our families whom I knew lived in the areas affected.  Today I will share with you the messages recieved from those whom have been located, beginning with Luther Hart whom you all know is the person responsible for securing the location of our Barlow Reunion, Camp Wesley Pines in Gallman, Copiah Co Mississippi.
Luther lives in Clinton Mississippi, just outside Jackson:

We lost the roof on the front of our home, the ceiling caved in on the furniture and carpet, not life damage, here. Our daughter in law has her 88 yr old mother at Ocean Springs, our son went to get her, but got caught in the water, and then the house blew open with water and the mother-in-law drowned, our son got out hours afterwards, put in a shelter with only his clothes he had on, a jelly fish stung him and as soon as they could the people in the shelter got him a doctor, he was in the shelter from Monday after noon late until Wednesday AM when our younger son with his wife arrived, the brought him home, the doctor here gave him stronger med, sleeping medicine and pain medicine, and again this AM. He is to have somplete bed rest, all the week end. The doctor told me that if there was a change, he would personally call his mother and me.

Pray for us, but we are only a part of the disaster,  I cannot get in touch with Carol, and many other of my kin.

I do not have addresses for Susan and others will you let them know of this and I will be grateful,    Praise God for His Mercy, This is for a cause and in His plan. I am believing, Your cousin, Luther

All the way from the coast through the state has been hit some. Jackson had winds of 75 plus miles.
Paul Longa lives in Slidell / Hammond Louisiana:

A call from Paul to Lora Beth, he tells us that he is staying in Gonzalez Louisiana with his brother, and that he has not yet returned home to know if he has a home, but knows that his job in New Orleans, where he worked for a cemetery is no longer there.

Carol Hilton Kennedy Slidell / Hammond Louisiana, returned home, after having been housed a few days in a motel in Baton Rouge Louisiana; called Lora Beth with the following report:

They about a foot of water in the house and all the furniture is ruined. Both she and her husband are without jobs at the moment. She said the chief of police had come around and brought them some food today - an MRI dinner. (K-rations) She said Nan (Hilton-Renfro) was okay, but did not know about their house yet. Nan and her husband went to Jackson so they could be near a hospital for him.
I have had two e-mails from Rita Barlow Robbins, who lives in Copiah Co, just outside Barlow; one I have lost, but she relayed that they had been without power and water for 3 days, and that the picnic area of Antioch Church had been damaged when a tree fell through the roof of the pavilion.

The second, recieved today reads:

The stories are horrible and tempers are flaring all over Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama from everything that I hear and know!

Here's where I'm at: We were without power or water until Friday afternoon. Mom and Dad (Harold and Frances Barlow), got their power back on today. We passed a generator back and forth until Friday. My brother brought gasoline twice from North Mississippi for us to keep them going. At one time we had five homes in our family here using generators. We had three and two houses had to share. Daddy's generator went out Monday and I made two trips to Jackson Tuesday to get one for us and missed the lines to get them. Wednesday morning BT (my hubby) got up at 4:00 a.m. and went to Jackson and got back at 6:30 p.m. with one finally. I sat in a gasoline line from 9:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. before I got gas one day, and had someone from Louisiana break in front of me.   I fussed but decided what was the use. I got back in my car and just sat because there were four men against me in that car. BT and Craig(my son) had some problems with the heat. BT with his breathing and Craig of course with fear of seizures. Both faired okay but kept me worried. Now all I have to get done is get the limbs and debris out of my yard and Daddy's. Love, Rita
Lora Beth called to Elizabeth Jordan of Shreveport and recieved news that James Pierce and Frances Barlow were staying in their camp at Toledo Bend, Sabine Parish Louisiana.  I don't know about there home, but know it was located in the storms path. 
Marvin Barlow wrote to me on September 06, 2005:    I live in Clinton and we were fortunate in that we were without electricity for about three hours on Tuesday. One brother lives in Tylertown. Tylertown was hard hit and there was much damage to utilities. Dale had a tree fall on the house but it didn't cause much damage to the house. They were without water until yesterday and their electricity probably won't be on for a while. Another brother Larry, lives a couple of blocks north of the railroad tracks in Gulfport. Their house seems to have made it out O.K. They live behind the Veteran's home that took on a lot of water and I have to believe it may have shielded a lot of the force of the water from their house. Where he works was seriously damaged and it seems he will be relocated to Pell City, Alabama.
Bob & Edna Earle Grantham  Jackson, Mississippi

Just this afternoon got my phone back on line, and can now send e-mails.  Katrina passed through here somewhere around noon Monday, 8-29, going pretty much North sorta between Jackson and Meridian. We apparently caught many of the 'bands' of high winds and rain that radiate out from the center 'eye', and which swirl in a counter-clockwise direction. So, our winds were mostly from the East-northeast. Our power went out somewhere around 2 PM, but my phone continued up until about 4 - 5 PM. The city water supply, for all practical purposes, stopped. Just a wee trickle. Their main pumps were down. Cable TV was out, but with no power,it didn't matter. City water came back on during the night Tuesday night.

Edna Earle and I spent a couple of pretty sleepless nights with a temperature that's hardly conducive to a good night's sleep. Wed morning, 8-31, we were able to purchase a couple of bags of ice, which a local supermarket had shipped in from Kentucky. We lost everything in the refrigerator as well as the deep freeze. Needed to defrost anyhow.

Yesterday a bit after noon, we spotted an 'Entergy' bucket truck at the end of the block. Then, appeared another bucket truck that was a limb cutter. These guys are really going out of their way trying to restore power as quickly as possible, but so many lines are down - trees having fallen on them - that their efforts are greatly hampered. At around 2 or 3 PM Wed, our local mail carrier said that she overheard one of the workers say that they intended to give it a shot shortly. Around 4 PM our power was restored, although over half the city still is without power. Over half the city's traffic lights are non-functional. Sure felt good to spend last night once again with air conditioning.

This morning I phoned the phone company - they promised to hopefully have me up and running by next Thursday (9-8). Then, this afternoon, about 4 PM, a Bellsouth truck pulled up. Had me going in less than half an hour. We consider ourselves blessed, as half the city still has no phones. My cable is still out, but I managed to attach a set of 'rabbit ears' to the TV and now can get 2 or 3 local stations.

With my phone line restored, I can now send/receive e-mail - hence this message.

Fuel supplies (diesel as well as gasoline) are in extremely short supply. The nearest supply depots (Collins, Meridian and Vicksburg) are dry. Lines at the very few stations that still have gas - and have power for the pumps - run as long as 6 to 8 miles - with drivers waiting and hoping that supplies won't run out befor they can get there. Tempers have been flaring, as one might well expect. Just heard that somewhere farther South, a boy shot his sister and killed her over a conflict regarding a bag of ice.

Let's all hope and pray that the Good Lord spares us any more of these.  Thanks-

Overall, compared with the poor souls in New Orleans, and all along the Gulf Coast, we have been particularly blessed. Officials state that this Hurricane's damage constituted probably the worst natural disaster that this nation has ever witnessed. I certainly hope that it is the 'once in a thousand years' type.
Lora Beth called Ardeth Barlow and Frances Britt:    She and her family are ok. She had been without electricity several days and lost food in her freezer and was just thankful she was ok. I talked to Frances Britt (Bobby's wife) and she said about the same. No electricity for a few days and some limbs falling on things. She said their church was keeping quite a few evacuees at the church.
I have tried repeatedly to locate Jan Barlow to find out news of him and his family located in and around Ocean Springs, too no avail.  If anyone knows of his fate, please let us known.   Clara Woodall lives in that area, have not heard news of her.
I know we have many more kinfolk in the affected areas, but many I have never met personally, or just did not realize they lived there.  If anyone has news to share, please let us hear from you.

If you would like to share your families news of the storms, and perhaps photos of your homes, etc., please don't hesitate to let me know. (use the 'contact' link at the top of this page or call me at: 501-397-6307))  We are all here to help and send prayers. If I can personally be of assistance to you, or if you need a temporary home, please let me know. I live in Arkansas, just outside Little Rock. My prayers are with you all.
On a lighter note, I began about 4 weeks ago, updating and adding to our families pages.  Thus far, I have completed John and Lydia, Missouri, all of William Bryant's family, and all of Henry 'Buck' Barlow's family.  New script has been added to make a larger font for those of you who have problems reading the small font used in my pages.  (That has not yet been added to Henry's family, but you can use your browser, go to the top of screen and under 'view', choose a larger font, or 'zoom'.)  This will include the Goza family pages, Richard and William Grantham, Albert and Henry Floyd Bufkin, Henry Ward Conn, and the Ball family pages.  I have added as much documentation as possible, using census records, (those census uploads may not be complete), but the transcriptions will be there.  Douglass family is in process.....

Discrepancies have been noted, and I would love to add any that I may have missed, including obituaries, photos, etc. that you may have in your homes. If we add the here, and share, they will always be available even when such crisis as these storms arise. My site is secure, and barring any unforseen crisis at the server in which they are stored, should always be available as long as the space is paid for, which I always intend to have done. Will begin work soon on the John Barlow Jr. pages.
I do not know at the moment how Camp Wesley Pines has faired this storm, and thus far, do not know how the family reunion plans stand for October 2005, but will let you all know as soon as I know.  Luther, if you have news for us, and have made it past your families crisis, please inform me.  Use the 'Contact' at the top of the page to reach me.
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