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Barlow Family Records

written by: Sir Montague Barlow

Arms of Barlow, Middlethorpe Co Yorks, granted to Thomas Barlow, Mgr.

Edson Barlow says of this book:

The English, Welsh and Irish information on the Barlow family seems to be quite authentic and reliable, and the footnotes do a fair job of giving source references -although I have no idea how we here in the U.S. would go after some of the sources mentioned.

His information on the American Barlows is all screwed up - he probably didn't come over here and he accepted a lot of false information or he drew false conclusions from the bits of reliable information that he had. But his history of the origins of the Barlows seems to be as reliable as there is.

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Chapter 1
Norman Origins: Who where the Albinis and the D'Abitots
Chapter 2 Section A
Chapter 2 Section B
The Derbyshire Branch: Descent from the D'Abitots
Chapter 3
The Mower Memorandum 1555-1610 and the case of Barlow vs. Eyre - 1601
Chapter 4
Henry Barlow of Stoke and of Attercliffe: Report of the College of Arms
Chapter 5 Section A
Chapter 5 Section B
The Lancashire Branch: Connection with the Cheshire and Irish Barlows
Chapter 6 Section A
Chapter 6 Section B
Chapter 6 Section C
The Hertfordshire and Essex Branch:
Connection with the Barlows of Slebetch and of Counties Derbyshire and Lancashire
Chapter 7
The American Barlows: Connection with Slebetch
Chapter 8 Section A
Chapter 8 Section B
Chapter 8 Section C
Chapter 8 Section D
A Barlow Pilgrimage in Counties Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Chester, etc.
Chapter 9
Arms of Barlows of Counties Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire; of Ireland, and of Slebetch
Notes on Canterbury and Litchfield Wills; and on some Derbyshire Deed
Supplemental #1
Supplemental #2
Supplemental #3

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