Descendants of Edward Booth/Barlow

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Descendants of Edward Booth/Barlow

The following information is mainly from records of Ellen Cocks Barlow
Contributed by Jo Banks April 2001
My Barlow family is the Clockmakers of Oldham and Ashton and Thomas Oldham Barlow, Engraver in London, England

Generation 1

Edward Booth born 1636 Manchester, England
Clockmaker of London
He married a Miss Barlow and took her surname
They lived in Rochdale, Lancashire
Edward died 1716

Children of Edward Booth Barlow:

1 i. James Barlow
2 ii. Henry Barlow born 1665 Ladyhouse, Butterworth, Rochdale, Lancashire
Henry Barlow married Sarah Stocke, daughter of Mr. Abraham Stocke of Ashes, Butterworth, Rochdale
She was born 1669. They married in 1687 in Rochdale
Henry Barlow was a blacksmith and clockmaker

Generation 2

2. Children of Henry and Sarah were:

3 i. Mary Barlow born September 3rd 1691 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
4 ii. Ellin Barlow born July 18th 1692 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
Ellin married John Scholes December 29th 1719 Oldham
5 iii. Henry Barlow born July 25th 1695 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
Married  Mary Byron  April 9th 1719 Rochdale
Henry died September 26th 1767
6 iv.  Mary Barlow born April 11th 1697 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
7 v. John Barlow born October 30th 1698 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
John married Jane Chadwick or Schofield
John was a clockmaker of Oldham
He died September 1st 1782
8 vi. Edward Barlow born 1699
He married Anne Clegg April 25th 1725 St. Marys Church, Prestwich, Lancashire
He was a clockmaker in Oldham. Edward died April 19th 1776
Anne was born June 10th 1705. She died January 28th 1782
9 vii. Nathan Barlow christened April 9th 1709 Ladyhouse, Rochdale
He married Mary Winterbottom May 13th 1728
She was born about 1710, Prestwich, Lancashire
Nathan was a Glazier
10 viii. Joseph Barlow
He married Betty
He was a reedmaker and yeoman of Crompton Fold

Generation 3

5. Children of Henry and Mary Barlow:

11 i. James Barlow born April 11th 1757
He married Betty
James was a clockmaker of Dolshi
He was buried July 1788
12 ii. John Barlow born April 26th 1754.
He married Betty Smith May 24th 1778 Oldham or Ashton
John was a tinplate worker of Oldham

  9.  Children of Nathan Barlow and Mary Winterbottom:

13 i. Ellin Barlow born July 29th 1729 Oldham, Lancashire
14 ii. Ellin Barlow born October 14th 1730 Oldham, Lancashire
15 iii. Henry Barlow born December 3rd 1732.
Henry married Mary
He was a Glazier
16 iv.  Joseph Barlow born April 11th 1735 Oldham, Lancashire
17 v. Sarah Barlow born March 4th 1736 Oldham, Lancashire
18 vi. Nathan Barlow born January 11th 1738 Oldham, Lancashire
19 vii. James Barlow born January 16th 1740 Oldham, Lancashire

  10.  Children of Joseph and Betty:

20 i. Mary Barlow  born July 22nd 1733 Shaw, Lancashire
21 ii. John Barlow christened April 29th 1737 Shaw, Lancashire
22 iii. Nathan Barlow christened July 21st 1739 Shaw, Lancashire
23 iv. Joseph Barlow christened February 2nd 1741 Shaw, Lancashire
24 v. Benjamin Barlow born June 9th 1745 Shaw, Lancashire
25 vi. Betty Barlow born August 5th 1750 Shaw, Lancashire

  Generation 4

  11.  Children of James and Betty Barlow:

26 i.  Edward Barlow  born August 1st 1779 Oldham, Lancashire
27 ii. Jane Barlow born April 6th 1783 Oldham, Lancashire

  12.  Children of John and Betty Barlow:

28 i. Jane Barlow  christened October 10th 1779 Oldham, Lancashire
29 ii. Henry Barlow  born December 17th 1781 Oldham
He married Sarah Oldham  June 2nd 1805 St. Marys Church, Oldham
Sarah was born April 19th 1783   She died January 22nd 1836
Henry married Hannah Knowles March 23rd 1843 
She was born December 25th 1792
Henry died June 14th 1851
30 iii. John Smith Barlow  born May 23rd 1784 Oldham, Lancashire
31 iv. William Barlow christened January 5th 1787 Oldham, Lancashire
32 v. William Barlow christened March 29th 1789 Oldham, Lancashire
33 vi. James Barlow christened October 14th 1791 Oldham, Lancashire
34 vii. Edward Barlow christened March 23rd 1794 Oldham, Lancashire
35 viii. Mary Barlow christened April 24th 1796 Oldham, Lancashire
36 ix. Elisabeth Barlow christened May 16th 1799 Oldham, Lancashire

Generation 5

  29.  Children of Henry and Sarah Barlow:

37 i. James Smith Barlow  born March 9th 1806 Oldham
Died April 24th 1836
38 ii. Jane Barlow born October 16th 1807 Oldham
Died July 27th 1857 Oldham
39 iii. John Oldham Barlow born April 2nd 1809 Oldham
Died December 1st 1810
40 iv. Mary Barlow born October 23rd 1811
Died February 28th 1827
41 v.  Hannah Smith Barlow born July 4th 1813 Oldham.
Married Henry Hunt Healey September 4th 1843
He was born November 1st 1813     He died January 13th 1848
She died August 24th 1850
42 vi.  John Barlow  born July 27th 1815 Oldham
Died February 16th 1845
43 vii. Sarah Oldham Barlow born November 27th 1817 Oldham
Died June 7th 1838
44 viii. Henry Oldham Barlow born February 28th 1820 Oldham
He married  Ruth Lismer  March 8th 1858 Cathedral Manchester
Ruth was born December 24th 1838      Ruth died June 27th 1905
Henry died September 28th 1888
45 ix. Harriet Barlow  born August 9th 1822 Oldham
Died July 17th 1838
46 x. 
Thomas Oldham Barlow born August 4th 1824 Oldham
He married on August 25th 1851 in Prestwich, Ellen Cocks, youngest child of James and Betty Cocks
She was born on March 5th 1821 in Oldham, Lancashire
Her father was a surgeon in that town, he came originally from Rycroft near Ashton~Under~Lyne, Lancashire. Her mother's maiden name was Dunkerley, she came from Counthill, which is situated a little off the Halifax Road, Oldham / her sister Mary married Henry Barlow, they were the parents of George Barlow Mayor of Oldham
Thomas died December 24th 1889
Ellen died July 2nd 1908
47 xi.  Ashton Barlow born April 25th 1826 Oldham
Died May 1st 1827

Generation 6

41. Children of Hannah and Henry Healey:

48 i. Sarah Jane Healey born November 4th 1844
49 ii. Annie Healey  born March 9th 1846
50 iii. Henry Barlow Healey  born April 15th 1848

  44.  Children of Henry Oldham and Ruth Barlow:

51 i.  Ellen 'Nellie' Barlow  born April 25th 1860 Bowdon, Cheshire
52 ii. Hannah Barlow born December 20th 1861 Bowdon, Cheshire
53 iii. Lilian 'Lily' Barlow  born November 7th 1863 Bowdon.
Died November 22nd 1916
54 iv.  Thomas Henry Barlow  died in infancy
55 v. Minnie Barlow born November 26th 1869 Bowdon, Cheshire
She married Tom Downes
56 vi. Lucy Mary Barlow born January 21st 1872 Bowdon, Lancashire
57 vii. Thomas Oldham Barlow born October 5th 1875 Bowdon, Cheshire
He married Mabel Winifred Moody August 10th 1905 Basingstoke
She was born February 7th 1878 Basingstoke

46. Children of Thomas Oldham and Ellen Barlow:

58 i.  Lucy Jane Barlow  born June 22nd 1852 Kensington
Died November 2nd 1935
59 ii. Ashton Barlow born July 26th 1853 Kensington
He died on January 9th 1855 of scarlet fever
Lucy Jane and Ashton were christened at St. Mary Abbot's Church, Kensington on June 2nd 1854
60 iii. Mary Anna Barlow  born November 26th 1854 Kensington
She was christened at St. Mary Abbot's Church, Kensington on March 7th 1855
Died October 24th 1930
61 iv. Son  born July 27th 1859
He only survived his birth 24 hours.   He died in convulsions on July 28th 1859
62 v. Henry Lundgren Barlow  born August 30th 1862 Kensington
He was christened on September 24th 1862. 
He died on August 5th 1863 of acute hydrocephalus of the brain

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